Boss, Burnett, Darby, Hetrick, Meats, Reddick, Reich, Smyers, Spoonamore, Thompson, Wilgus

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To: Phyllis Bonville
Subject: RE: Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois

Dear Phyllis,

Here’s the information you requested. I have entered additional names that seemed important because of the relationships.


From Cemeteries of Brown County

Bowman Cemetery p. 15

Frank Reddick [no dates]


DeWitt Cemetery p. 42

James C. Reddick, son of T. M. and S. Reddick, 18 Jul 1861, age 2y [ nothing to prove for sure that this is Thomas Martin and Sophronia Reddick]


Logan Creek Cemetery, p. 48

Children of Francis Marion and 2nd wife Doann Hetrick Wilgus:

Ida Wilgus 1878-1879

George Wilgus 1880-1882

Rebecca Wilgus 1891-1893

Orpha Wilgus 1895-1895


Mt Sterling City Cemetery, pp. 219, 240, 269

Doann Hetrick Wilgus, 13 Jun 1850 – 7 May 1919

Francis Marion Wilgus, son of Henry and Elizabeth Wilgus, 20 Oct 1846 – 2 May 1921

James Wilgus, son of Francis Marion and Doann Wilgus, 1872 – 19140

Florence Wilgus, wife of James Wilgus, 1869 – 1945

Jenny Wilgus, dau of Francis Marion and Doann Wilgus, [ no dates]


Dorothy Meats, wife of Edward N. Hetrick. 6 May 1882 – 18 Oct 1958

Edward N. Hetrick, 2 Oct 1876 – 17 Oct 1942


Ripley Cemetery, pp. 314, 317

Mary Belle Hetrick Burnett, wife of Fred Burnett, 1877 – 1927

Fred Burnett, 1874 – 1955


Clysta, dau. of Catherine Hetrick, 1895 – 1926 [no father or husband listed.]

Hattie Porter Hetrick, 20 Aug 1883 – 1 Nov 1949 [no husband listed]


Westside Cemetery, pp. 361, 366

Susannah Hetrick, wife of Henry Boss, 2 Mar 1887, age 84 y , 3 m, 25 d.

Henry Boss, 6 Aug 1898, age 88 y, 6 m, 14 d.


Lewis Hetrick, 8 Jun 1928, Illinois Pvt Coast Art Corp.

Melvin L. Hetrick, 1916 – 1925


Hicks and Boss Burials, p. 390

Franklin Boss, believed to be the son of Henry and Susanna Boss, who came to Brown County from North Carolina in 1851. Franklin had purchased property containing this burial ground.


Lavina Henry Cemetery, p 339

Anna Thompson, wife of James Thompson, 1877-1958, (Misc Burials p. 416, gives fill death date – 6 Feb 1858)

James Thompson, 1870 – 1933


William J. Thompson, 15 Apr 1832 – 1 Feb 1886

Charlotte Darby, wife of William J. Thompson, [no dates]

Charles Thompson, son of William J. and Charlotte Darby Thompson, [no dates]

Edward O. Thompson, son of William J. and Charlotte Darby Thompson, d. 20 Apr 1870, age 2 m. 2 d.

Fannie E. Thompson, dau. of William J. and Charlotte Darby Thompson, d. 2 May 1885, age 5 y. 3 m. 9 d.

Marion E. Thompson, son of William J. and Charlotte Darby Thompson, 20 Nov 1884, age 13 y. 6 m. 24 d.

Fred Thompson 1897 – 1928, WWI Soldier

James Thompson, 1870 - 1933

James E. Thompson, 1916 – 1949

Mae Thompson, wife of David Smyers [no dates]


Cooperstown Cemetery, p. 34

J. Fred Thompson, 1876 – 1958

Delia E. Reich, wife of J. Fred Thompson 1878 – 1959 [ She is also the D. E. Thompson]

Child Thompson, dau. of J. Fred and Delia E. Reich Thompson, 14 Feb 1905 – 20 Feb 1905

Hattie Thompson, wife of John Henry Spoonamore, 1879 – 1955

John Henry Spoonamore, 1878 – 1959

Lee B. Thompson, Co E 89th Illinois Inf [no dates]

Marion F. Thompson, 3 Mar 1905 – 1958

William A. Thompson, 1901 – 1965


Misc Burials, p. 413

William R. Hetrick, d. 19 Jan 1949


I tried to discuss the data problems with them when I was doing the Beta Test on the 1880 Census for them. They told me that they had very strict rules about the extraction of the information. The biggest problem for them is that they cannot find people who have the necessary pre requisite knowledge for all the counties in the census, so they specify the rules that must be followed and that includes writing only what is on the census. So we get misspelled name that sometimes become unintelligible. All of the problems that were caused when the census was copied are repeated and sometimes the wrong names are written in. We actually had our 1880 census nearly completed before the Church announced theirs and when I saw the errors in the data, I worked on with mine knowing that at least the more obvious (to us) errors would be corrected. Thank you for the compliment. It’s good to know that we did the right thing.



Ken Huffman




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Hi Ken & Laurie,

Before I give you my next look-up request, let me say a separate Thank You
for the 1880 Census.  Found some family I wasn't able to get on the
familysearch 1880--it really is a big help when people familiar within the
area, do the transcribing.  If you have any influence in Salt Lake, you
might suggest they use e-mail to have people from the area be asked to help
with difficult transcriptions.  Anyway, your approach to the 1880, is much

Here is my new list for Cemetery information:

Frank   Pg. 15
James C.    42
S.               42 Think this is Sophonia
T.M.            42   "       "    "  Thomas Martin

Doann      Pg.   48
Dorothy           219
Edward N,       219
Mary Belle      314
Clysta            317
Hattie             317
Susannah       361
Lewis             366
Melvin            366
Susanna        390
William R.      413

Anna            Pg, 339, 416
Charles               339
Charlotte             339
Child                    34
D, E.                    34
Delia                    34
Edward O.           339
Fannie E.            339
Fred               34,339
George A. P.       339
Hattie                   34
James E.            339
James                339
Lee B.                  34
Mae                   339
Marion E.           339
Marion F.             34
William A.            34
William J.           339

Many thanks,

Phyllis in Oregon