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All the individuals you named are buried in Cooperstown Township Cemetery.

They are listed in Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois 1825-1972, pp. 29, 33, 35, 38:


William Boss (June 1818-11 May 1896)

Anna, w/o William Boss (25 Nov 1820-12 Apr 1898) Moses Boss, s/o William & Anna Boss (19 Apr 1851-19 Apr 1898) Sarah A., w/o Moses Boss (13 Feb 1863-25 Feb 1939) Phillip L. Rentz, s/o Simon & Margarette Rentz (22 Nov 1860-11 Sep 1940) Julia E., w/o Phillip L. Rentz (19 Oct 1862-24 May 1901)




Otto, s/o Moses & Sarah A. Boss (d. 1 May 1887 aged 5 months) Charles, s/o Moses & Sarah A. Boss (10 Sep 1893-9 Mar 1909) Drowned in the Illinois River.

Nora Pruden (1888-1951) Listed with this family group but no relationship stated.



Laurie Huffman


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Dear Laurie


Can you tell me where in Brown County the following people are buried?


William BOSS (1818-1896) and wife Anna Christina FRANK BOSS (1820-1898).


Moses BOSS (1851-1898) and Sarah RENTZ BOSS (1862-???)  (when did Sarah



Juliette E. BOSS RENTZ (1862=1901) and Lewis Philip RENTZ (1860-1940).



They all lived in Cooperstown Township in Brown County.





Dan S.


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