Names: Bradbury, Hatcher, Logsdon, McDannold


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To: 'Colleen Bradbury'
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Dear Colleen,


Here are the names you requested. There is some difficulty in interpreting the family relationships section found on p. 35. Vern McDannold Bradbury is a woman (see below). She is listed on p. 28 with no information other than the name and date, but p. 35 says she is a daughter-in-law of F. Samuel E. Bradbury and his wife, Martha Ellen Logsdon, presumably a spouse of their son, George Bradbury (1892-1962), but there is no George listed on p. 28 with these dates. There is, however, a George Bradbury listed as having died 1892, aged 69 years. This would make him born in 1823, which, of course, would not support his being the husband of Vern McDannold.


Sometimes the explanations found in the cemetery book defy interpretation, so I will leave the evaluation up to you.


I also checked the 1910 Census of Mt. Sterling for a Vern McDannold in order to verify the name. She is listed as the daughter, age 5, of Harlan and Florence McDannold.


Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.


Laurie Huffman




Cemeteries of Brown County, IL 1825-1972

Cooperstown Cemetery, p. 28:


            Dr. John T. Bradbury (4 Mar 1840 – 4 Jul 1894) “A practicing physician in Cooperstown for many years.”

            Violetta R. Hatcher, w/o Dr. John T. Bradbury (16 Feb 1844 – 27 Aug 1893)

            Vern McDannold, a dau-in-law of F. Samuel E. Bradbury & Martha Ellen Logsdon (1905-1935)






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Hello Laurie;



I was wondering if you could please look up John T. Bradbury-28, Violeta Bradbury-28 and Vern McDannold Bradbury-28.


Thank you for your time.  Colleen Bradbury