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Dear Richard,


Here is the information you requested.


Laurie Huffman


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Cemeteries of Brown County, IL 1825-1972


Mt. Sterling city Cemetery, pp. 202, 211, 248:


    Thomas W. Clemons (10 Apr 1825-20 Apr 1900)

    Mary Ann Parn, w/o Thomas W. Clemons (no dates)

    Sidney Brown, (1860-8 Jul 1952) W/o William Clemons, who was s/o Thomas W.

        and Mary Ann (Parn) Clemons (Maiden name on p. 202; full death date on p. 414)

    James L. Clemons (1886-1957) s/o William & Sidney (Brown) Clemons

    Wilma Clemons, (1899-1950) d/o James L. Clemons & w/o Lloyd S. Mehl (Also listed on p. 227)

    James R. Clark (1890-1961) This is a "son-in-law", but it is unclear whose son-in-law he is,

        and who his wife might be.

    Clemons Clark (1921-1945) s/o James R. Clark 


Mt. Sterling Catholic Cemetery, p. 172, 192:


    Cynthia Clemons, 2nd w/o James McCaffry (1838-1908)

    Nancy A., 1st w/o James McCaffry (d. 1882, age 56 yrs)

    James McCaffry (d. 1908 aged 88 yrs)


There is a probate listing for Thomas W. Clemmons: 1900, Box #126. Contact the Circuit Court Clerk. See our website for more information on how to do this.


You may also wish to check the Illinois Marriage Index Online which can also be accessed through our website.










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Hi Laurie


I'm doing some research on the Clemons family trying to make connections


I found on the cemetery list these names:


Mary Ann [Parn] Clemons 211


James L Clemons 211


Sidney Clemons 211


Thomas W Clemons 211


Cynthia Clemons 172


Sydney Clemons 414


Wilma Clemons 227


Many thanks for any help you can shed on the Clemons's.


Richard L Dalton

Reno, Nevada