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Subject: RE: Cemeteries of Brown County Lookup

Dear Grace,


As I'm sure you know, there are many Clark/Clarke families in Brown County. I looked through the references to Clark families in the three histories, but could not identify a William Clark that would fall into the age range to be the husband of Sarah Bryan. The Sarah's also seem to be attached to other husbands. Most of the Clark families came out of Kentucky. Could Sarah be married to a cousin of one of these?


There is a William Clark, and also a Sarah E. Clark, listed in the probate index.


William Clark 1848, Box #59.

Sarah E. Clark (no year) Box #189.

Sarah E. Clark 1918, Box #51.


I was wondering if there could there be a chance that Sarah remarried in Brown County, or somewhere along the way from Kentucky? Also, having any of the names of her children who came into Brown County would help to identify her.


Let me know if I can be of any further help.


Laurie Huffman


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Rigg Cemetery, Missouri Township, pp. 123, 124:


    William N. Clark (25 Nov 1838-17 Dec 1907) s/o William Anthony & Mahala (Roberts) Clark.

    Minerva J. Pettigrew, w/o William N. Clark (24 Nov 1839-12 Aug 1908)


Hersman Cemetery, Mt. Sterling Township, p 141:


    "Son" of William & Harriet Clark (d. 1965)


Ripley Township Cemetery, p. 315:


   William Clark (d. 3 Nov 1938) No other dates or age given.

    Sarah Clark (d. 21 Mar 1906, aged 87 yrs) p. 325 gives husband's name as Harry.

    Harry Clark (d. 19 Oct 1895) No other dates or age given.


Mt. Sterling City Cemetery, p. 211:


    Sarah McMurry, w/o T. A. Clark (d. 31 Apr 1878 aged 28-2-26)

    Thomas A. Clark (d. 21 Feb 1886 aged 42-10-26) Co. D 84th Reg. Ill. Vol. Inf.






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Subject: Cemeteries of Brown County Lookup

I would like to ask you to look up William Clark (the numbers given were 123, 141, and 315) and Sarah Clark (the numbers given were 211 and 315).  Sarah's maiden name was Bryan I believe.  William may have died in KY before they made it to Brown County, but I am told that Sarah died there in 1848.  Since that is so early, there may not be a record, but I would appreciate you looking.




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