Names: Bates, Bugless, Guthrie, Jones, Price


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Dear Gina,


Here are the items you requested. I have added some information that I think will be of further help to you. It is so strange, but you are the first person ever to request information on this family (that I can remember over the past 10 years).


Sometimes, I get an interested in finding out more about individuals in the Brown County records. About a year ago, when I was checking some census references, I got curious about Jane Jones, and also her son, William Guthrie, so I did some research on her myself. I have put a note next to her name below. Let me know if you want the notes from my search, including Jane’s lengthy obituary.


Also, there is a listing of the William H. Bates & Mary Ann Price family of 11 children (and grandchildren) in CBC on pp. 469-470, if you are interested in the Bates genealogy. William H. Bates was the son of William Randall Bates (1784-1841) and his wife Polly Lazell (1782-1852).


Best wishes,


Laurie Huffman


Brown County ILGenWeb Project




Cemeteries of Brown County, IL 1825-1972

Mt. Sterling City Cemetery, pp. 206, 218, 222, & 253:


            Maude Guthrie, w/o Fred Bates ((1878-1962) Granddaughter of Charles H. Guthrie.

            Fred Bates (d. 1924) No other dates given. Son of William H. & Mary Ann (Price) Bates.

            Fred D. Guthrie (8 Sep 1880-20 Jun 1896) Son of Charles H. Guthrie.

            Charles H. Guthrie (died 6 Mar 1888 aged 34y 6d)

            Jane C. [Payne] 2nd w/o John Jones Sr. (13 Mar 1817-10 Nov 1906) NOTE: This is Jane Payne of Harwich, Essex,

                        England. She married James Guthrie in England. They emigrated to the US about the same year, where

 their only child, William, was born. James Guthrie died in Brown Co, IL in 1851. She then married Joseph

 C. Bugless 1869. He died 1889. She then married John Jones Sr. Her life is very interesting, though it had a

 lot of sadness and loss.

            John Jones [Sr.] d. 16 Oct 1889 aged 89-6-11)





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Subject: brown county lookup request


Hi Laurie,

I saw your name listed as a lookup volunteer on the Brown County Rootsweb web site (  Would you be able to look up the following for me?

Guthrie, Charles H.________ 218
Guthrie, Fred D.________ 218
Guthrie, Maude________ 206
Jones, Jane C.________ ________222
Jones, John________ 8,129,135,222(2)


The last name (John Jones) appears to reference 4 different people.  The one that I'm interested in is probably the #222, as his wife is also on that page (Jane Jones).  In other words, you don't need to bother with the other pages/individuals who are also named John Jones, but I didn't want to delete those numbers in case it led to further confusion.


Thanks so much for your volunteer efforts!  My genealogy hobby would go no where without people like you being willing to put in the time!


Gina Mikel