Burkey, Gleason, O'Hearn, Teefy

From: Ken and Laurie Huffman [[email protected]]
Sent: Sunday, May 18, 2003 1:27 PM
To: Don and Judy Scown
Subject: RE: Brown County (1860 Census Index)

Dear Judy,

First of all, with this new information, I found this entry in the Cemeteries book on p. 177:
Ann O’Hearn (1879-92 yrs) born in Newport, County Tipperary, Ireland


I think this may be your Elizabeth’s mother. My guess is that she is also the Ann Burkey in the 1860 Census even though the age is about four years off and the name is changed. Since they didn’t give Ann’s year of birth in the entry, she could also be the Ann Gleason mentioned on page 622. In this case they would have made a typo on the year in the burial entry. 1869-1777=92 yrs. Like you, I can find no other references to these persons by any combination of names, Ann Burkey/Gleason/O’Hearn.


The history on p. 622 makes it sound like Ann Gleason is a different person than Elizabeth’s mother. There are other problems… The Ann Burkey in the census is 77 but 77 + 9 is only 86 yrs.  This time the census age is off 6 years. Census ages for these censuses are often wrong. For example, what if they said she was born in 1777 and the census enumerator wrote 77 in the age space?


I checked for marriages that could have changed her name to Gleason or Burkey and found nothing in Illinois that would even closely match.


Not that it’s important or better, but I read the census from microfilm. That was the only format available when I purchased them.


So, you are not much better off than before. You now have a new name and date and the date is possibly in question. This is a problem with working only with secondary information sources. Unfortunately most if not all the primary sources no longer exist.


The Catholics are well known for keeping very good records. There is a chance that the early burial records still exist for this cemetery but finding someone who has the patience to search for them will be the challenge.


Sorry that I can only add to the problem and not solve it.



Ken Huffman


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Subject: Brown County (1860 Census Index)


Hi Ken and Laurie,


Warm greetings to you from a rain bogged area....we just got 1 whole foot of rain in about 4 days....Fortunately we have such sandy soil and it has drained well.  The sun has returned to bring us our 75-80 temp. for our mild Autumn season.


In the big red Brown County Cemetery book....it mentions on page 622, that John Teefey and Elizabeth O'Hern Teefey, and family came to Brown County from Ireland....with her parents.....Ann Gleason.  This was c1850.


When you kindly looked up the Teefey entry on the 1860 Census, there was an Ann Burkey aged 77 living with them....which in theory you'd think would be Elizabeth's mother.


I was wondering if you actually view the Census to confirm this variance of names....as well, if there is any mention of the relationship of this Ann Burkey to John Teefey.


Unfortunately Ann Gleason died before the 1870 Census. 


Please just reaffirm any details if you can whenever it is convenient for you to do so.


All the best,

Judy Gleeson Scown

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