Names: Calhoun, Davis, McClintock, Witty

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Thank you so much. I will place the pictures on the website. Any other you would like to share I will also place.


From Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois

Mt Sterling City Cemetery, pp. 200 - 281

James C. witty is listed twice in the Mt Sterling Cemetery, one under the heading of “Persons Attaining Ninety Years Buried in Mt Sterling Cemetery” and once in the “Recorded Burial Section”

James C. Witty, 1840 – 1945 [In both entry’s these years are given. In the first entry, they indicated that he was 95 years old. I don’t know if they had a math problem or a date problem. According to the dates he’s 105 years old.}

Sarah E., wife of James Witty, 1844 - ????).

Dora Witty, wife of Samuel McClintock, 22 Aug 1871 – 4 Nov 1902, dau of  James and Sarah Witty.

Dora Lee Witty wife of James A. Davis, 1874 – 1960, dau of  James and Sarah Witty.

Lillie Witty Calhoun. 22 May 1873 – 25 May 1905, dau of  James and Sarah Witty


The two Dora’s bother me so here’s what I found in the marriages:

MCCLINTOCK, SAMUEL W  WITTY, DORA B    02/06/1895 1A /183  2228A    BROWN              

DAVIS, JAMES R        WITTY, LOUETTA   05/04/1897 1A /211  2559     BROWN  


Looks like the burial records are a little confusing but clarified by the marriage records.


Here’s Lillie’s marriage:

CALHOUN, GEORGE        WITTY, LILLIE    01/08/1905 2  /49   4397     BROWN 


Hope this helps, Sincerely,

Ken Huffman            




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Dear Ken & Laurie
I thought you might like to see two of your permanent residents in Brown
County.  These are James C. & Sarah E. Witty.  They were both born about
1840, he in Cass Co., IL, she in Kentucky.  His parents were John Lucas &
Mary Witty.  I don't know her maiden name.  They are listed on page 241 of
your burial book.
I entertain myself by "solving" old family albums I buy.  This album
contains members of the Witty & Ely families, among others.  This is tin
type taken about 1870.  I also have one of two of their daughters (Dora &
Lillie) as infants.
Please feel free to use the image on your website.
If you could give me any information from the cemetery book (or
obituaries!) I would be grateful.

Dan Schafer

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Ken -

Thank you for your help. Appended is a scan of a tin of Dora Witty McClintock and Lillie Witty Calhoun. It must have been taken about 1874. They look just lovely. If I find any other Brownites I'll send tham along.