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Dear Susan,

Here’s the information you requested:


1870 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Buckhorn Twp



John Upchurch 23 m farmer Illinois

Phoebe Upchurch 42 f North Carolina

Wesley Upchurch 26 m Illinois

Lucy Upchurch 21 f Illinois

Robert Upchurch 20 m Illinois

Richard Upchurch 15 m Illinois

Silas Upchurch 13 m Illinois

Hulda Upchurch 5 f Illinois



Hiram Jaques 35 m farmer New York

Rebecca Jaques 29 f Ohio

Jesse Jaques 5 m Illinois

Effa Jaques 10/12 f (b. Aug) Illinois

Newlan Jaques 8 m Illinois


1870 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Elkhorn Twp



Hiram Jaques 54 m farmer New York

Nancy Jaques 47 f Kentucky

Delmar Jaques 28 m Illinois

George Jaques 15 m Illinois

Russell Jaques 12 m Illinois

Susan Jaques 9 f Illinois

Wallace Jaques 8 m Illinois

Rosetta Jaques 3 f Illinois



Nephi Jaques 25 m farmer Illinois

Manora Jaques 25 f Illinois

Elmore Jaques 3 m Illimois Gertrude Jaques 9/12 f (b.Sep)  Illinois

James Call 55 m laborer Kentucky


[Note: Nephi appears to have been listed twice in this census – information is a little different but there was only Nephi in Brown county.]


81/81 Nephi Jaques 25 m laborer Illinois

Minerva Jaques 25 f Illinois

Elmira Jaques 3 f Illinois

Gertrude Jaques 9/12 f Illinois



William Wheeleer 23 m laborer Illinois

Harriet Wheeler 26 f Illinois

Early Wheeler 3 m Illinois



Thomas Wheeler 28 m laborer Ohio

Amanda Wheeler 22 f Illinois

Eva Jaques 70 f New York


1870 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Versailles Twp


[The page where Benjamin Jaques is found was very faded. This information is not complete and is probably not accurate. We did our best to read it and we did supplement some information from other sources to complete this as far as it appears here.]



Benjamin Jaques 40? m ?? Ohio

??[poss. Adaline] Jaques 33? f Ohio

James H. Jaques 17 m Indiana

John W. Jaques 14 m Illinois

Joseph Jaques 11 m Illinois

Ida E. Jaques 8 f Illinois

Adaline Jaques 6 f Illinois

Benjamin Jaques ? m Illinois



George W. Jaques 44 farmer [blank]

Mary M. Jaques 34 f Ohio

Surise J. Jaques 18 f Illinois

Mark Jaques 14 m Illinois

Charles Jaques 12 m Illinois

Frank Jaques 8 m Illinois

Viola Jaques 3 f Illinois

Eva Jaques 1 f Illinois



David Simms 51 m carpenter Illinois

Margaret Simms 36 f Illinois

Emma A. Simms 10 f Illinois

Willie Simms 8 m Illinois

Martin Simms 6 m Illinois

Frank L. Simms 1 m Illinois

Oliver P. Reynold 22 m Illinois



Ken Huffman





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You have helped me so much and the quick response from my other inquiries were greatly appreciated.  They have helped me to gain a lot of knowledge.

I have some more census look ups that I would appreciate.  It is for the 1870 brown Co. census:

Wheeler, Thomas

Jaques, Eva, E52

Jaques, George W.  V91

Jaques, ? Benjamin V11

Jaques, Hiram  B131

Jaques, Hiram  E6

Jaques,  Nephi  E7

Jaques, Nephi E81

Upchurch, John B86

Sims, David V92

Wheeler, William E37

Thank you for all of your time.

It is greatly appreciated.

Susan Houck