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There are two William Carpenters found in the “Cemeteries” book. There are more than 40 Carpenter entries in the burial records. I suggest, you find out which of the Williams may be the one you are searching for and follow with a request for those who are his family. There appears to be two families and they appear to be unrelated or at least too far back to be determined to be related from the information we have. Here are the burials I found:

Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois

Benville Cemetery

William Carpenter [no dates]

Amanda Taylor, wife of William Carpenter [no dates]

Charles Carpenter, son of William and Amanda Carpenter, 1867 – 1949

Oscar Carpenter, son of William and Amanda Carpenter, 1866 – 1949

Alex Carpenter, son of William and Amanda Carpenter, [no dates]


I have included the children because they give some idea of the time this William and Amanda lived.


Mounds Cemetery

William Carpenter 12 Nov 1866, age 83 yrs, 1 m, 8 days.

Elizabeth wife of William Carpenter, 2 Oct 1884, age 70 yrs, 7 m, 16 days.


In a double burial listing, Elizabeth is listed as the wife of William, with whom she is buried, which I believe is the most correct. However, in the general burial listing she is listed as the wife of F. S. Carpenter. F. S. Carpenter does not appear in the County burial records. I assume this is a typographical error, where the compiler looked at some other line and mistyped the correct name.



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I am doing family research and I would like to know about a brown county burial of a William Carpenter, any other carpenters would be nice too if you have the time. Any info would be appreciated. thanks so much .  tina sipes

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