Names: Carr, Harris, Kerley, McDonald, Newton, Pell, Tenney, Willaims, Wright



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Dear Ellen,


Here are the names you requested. I have also attached page 400 (King Kerley Family) from The History of Brown County 1880-1970 in jpeg format. Any names in the listings below in squared bracketts [-] are found in that history.


Be sure to check for Kerley marriages on the Illinois Marriage Index Online. You can also access it from the main page of our website.


Kerley, Elsie________ ________101  This was Essie in our book index. There was no Elsie. 

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Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois 1825-1972


Buckhorn Cemetery, Lee Township, p. 90:


    Robert/Bob Kerley, father of Elva Kerley; not buried in Brown County

    Hulda Harris, w/o Robert Kerley; mother of Elva Kerley; not buried in Brown County

    Elva Kerley, (d. 24 May 1883 aged 9 months) d/o Robert/Bob & Hulda (Harris) Kerley


Lee Cemetery, Lee Township, pp. 101, 103:


    King Kerley - (25 Sep 1814-20 Mar 1906) [*s/o William Kerley & Jane Carr]

    Amanda [*Pell], 2nd w/o King Kerley (18 Feb 1826-16 Jan 1891)

    (----) Kerley, unreadable stone, assumed to be one of the Kerley family

    Adelia, d/o King and Amanda Kerley (28 Feb 1862-1 Jan 1865)

    Edna I., d/o J. N.& M. A. Kerley (7 Jun 1895-19 Aug 1895) [*James Newton & Mary N. Tenney]

    Essie, [*d/o Edgar & Anna Wright Kerley] (1886-1970); w/o James H. Williams (1882-1949)

    Matilda, d/o King Kerley & Amanda [Pell] (b.6 May 1855 - d. 1875)


Orton/Baptist Cemetery, Lee Township, p. 9:


    Tom Kerley assisted with an organized graveyard cleanup in 1960.


Mt. Sterling Catholic Cemetery, pp. 170, 180:


    Mary Ann Kerley (1866-1938) No other information

     Blanche Kerley (1900-1969) w/o (----) Six; [*d/o James Newton Kerley & Mary N. Tenney]


Mt. Sterling City Cemetery, pp. 223, 269 Wright Family:


    Calpurna Kerley (d. 27 Mar 1854 aged 16y 4m) No other information

    Elizabeth Kerley (d. 3 Feb 1852 aged 38 yrs) No other information

    Martha. E. Wright "Pattie", w/o Robert Kerley (1855-1935); d/o Samuel & Emily J. Wright

    Robert Kerley (1856-1931) s/o King Kerley & Amanda [Pell]


Mounds Cemetery, Timewell, Lee Township, pp. 297, 307:


    Claude Kerley, h/o Alta Beatrice McDonald; [s/o Edgar K. Kerley & Anna Wright]

    Alta Beatrice McDonald, w/o Claude Kerley (1884-1967)

    Edgar King Kerley (1860-1946) Misc. burials p. 412 gives full death date as 24 Jul 1946, but his

     name was written as Edward King Kerley, which is incorrect. The listing does provide his middle


    Anna Wright, w/o Edgar K. Kerley (1864-1959) Misc. burials on p. 417: full death 28 Dec 1859

    Fannie Kerley, d/o John Kerley & Delia Wright (1 Dec 1887-7 Feb 1896)

        Note: John & Delia were found in History of Brown County. Only a daughter, Helen, is

        listed there. For some reason Fannie was missed.

HBC p. 400







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Wow, I had no idea there were so many Kerleys buried in Brown County, and it looks like all of them are the same line.  Any of these that you have time to look up would be fantastic, this page was like finding a goldmine of info.  I guess the main ones would be on page 103 and Elizabeth on 223 but any that you have time to do would be great.

I’m a Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness volunteer here in central NC so I know how much time things like this can take up so I really appreciate anything you can do for me.  Needless to say if you ever need anything from central NC please let me know.

Thanks again,



Kerley, (----)________ ________103
Kerley, Adelia________ ________103
Kerley, Alta Beatrice (McDonald)________297
Kerley, Amanda________ 103
Kerley, Anna (Wright)________ 297
Kerley, Anna________ ________417
Kerley, B.________ ________90
Kerley, Blanche________ 180
Kerley, Calperna________ 223
Kerley, Claude________ 297
Kerley, Delie (Wright)________ 297
Kerley, Edgar D.________ 297
Kerley, Edna I.________ 103
Kerley, Edward King________ 412
Kerley, Elizabeth________ 223
Kerley, Elsie________ ________101
  This was Essie in our book index. There is no Elsie. 
Kerley, Elva________ ________90
Kerley, Fannie________ ________297
Kerley, H.________ ________90
Kerley, J. N.________ ________103
Kerley, John________ ________297
Kerley, King________ ________103
Kerley, M. A.________ ________103
Kerley, Martha E. (Wright)________ 223
Kerley, Mary Ann________ 170
Kerley, Matilda________ 103
Kerley, Robert________ ________223