Names: Carson, Hayes, Roberts


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Hi Jan,


One last request.  Looking for 3 other families in the cemeteries.  Can you provide more information on these name?  Thanks, again, Sue Baddley.


Roberts, Anna________ ________285

Roberts, Child________ ________285,407
Roberts, Daniel M.________ 123
Roberts, Daniel________ 120,285

Roberts, E. Marion________ 123
Roberts, Eliza A. M.________ 123

Roberts, H. ________ ________347
Roberts, Hannah C.________ 78

Roberts, M.________ ________347

Roberts, Mahala________ 123
Roberts, Martha Ann________ 123

Roberts, Martha________ 285

Roberts, Nancy S.________ 285

Roberts, Susan A.________ 118,285

Roberts, William________ 285

Hayes, J. J.________ ________285
Hayes, Malinda H.________ 285


Carson, Harriett________ 295
Carson, Margaret C.________ 288
Carson, Richard________ 288


Hi Sue, 


The names will be typed exactly as show in the book.  You will note that some of them do not show any dates.


Winslow Stones located in SW 1/4 of Section 21, Elkhorn Twp.  Pg. 77;


Sarah M. Roberts, consort of George Roberts, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Morse, born in Marblehead, Mass. Feb. 7, 1786

Pg. 78;  Hannah C. Roberts' mother, Sarah M. Roberts (1786-1834), daughter of Thomas and Sarah Morse, born in Marblehead, Mass. (Feb. 7, 1786)



Bell-Keith Cemetery located SW 1/4 Sec. 29, Missouri Twp.   Pg. 118


Susan A. Roberts, wife of G.H. Robert (1851-1934)




Clark-Campbell Cemetery located in the North West quarter of Sec. 19 of Missouri Twp. Pg. 120


Virgil Fred Roberts, son of Daniel and Elizabeth Poe Roberts (May 5, 1860-1861)

Thomas J. Poe (April 13, 1865, aged 52 yrs., 1 mo. 23 days)

Octavia, daughter of T. J. and R. Poe (Jan. 26, 1861, aged 5 mos.)

Eliza J. daughter of T.J. and R. Poe (Sept. 12, 1852, aged 6 mos. 20 days)

Family relationships - Poe - Thomas J. Poe and wife Jane with granddaughters Octavia and Eliza Jane, daughters of T. J. Poe and Rebecca Bond, daughter of Granville Bond and granddaughter of Elizabeth Bond.  Also grandsons Virgil, Amos and Enos Roberts, children of daughter Elizabeth.




Rigg Cemetery  located in the NE 1/4 Sec. 20, Missouri Twp.  Pg. 123


Daniel M. Roberts (Oct. 16, 1831-Feb. 14, 1919

Elizabeth A.M. wife of Daniel M. Roberts (April 25, 1835 to June 1, 1895)

Martha Ann Roberts (March 28, 1892 aged 71 yrs. 9 mos. 1 day)

E. Marion Roberts (1870-1936)

Kezzie R. wife of E.M. Roberts (1884-1957)

*Wilbur Ray son of William and Millie Sprague (died Feb. 4, 1895 aged 2 yrs, 8 mos. 25 days)

Family relationships on page 124;  Daniel M. Roberts, wife Elizabeth, son E. Marion, wife Kezzie and Martha Ann sister of Daniel M. are buried here, also a grandson, *Wayne Sprague.  They are not members of the John Roberts family who took out land in Section 20 but were residents of Schuyler County.




Beckam Cemetery in Pea Ridge Twp., located in the Northeast Quarter of Section 16.  Pg. 285


Malinda H. wife of J.J. Hayes (died Dec. 19, 1858 aged 24 yrs.)


Anna Roberts; Martha Roberts

Nancy wife of William Roberts;  Children of Daniel Roberts; Child Roberts (died Oct. 31, 1858 aged 2 yrs. 2 mos.);  Sarah A. dau. of W. and N.S. Roberts (died Oct. 1, 1859 aged 1 yr.)




Knight Cemetery, Pea Ridge Twp. NW 1/4 of Sec. 5   Pg. 288


Margaret C. Carson wife of Richard Carson (died March 13, 1928)

No recording for Richard




Mounds Cemetery of Timewell, Ilinois.  Southeast Quarter of Section 32 in Pea RIdge Twp.  Pg. 295


Harriet Carson (1865-1943)



Root Cemetery located in the SW Quarter of Section 21, Versailles Twp.  Pg. 347


Charlie, son of H. and M. Roberts (died Oct. 29, 1891, aged 10 mo. 29 days)

Addie, dau. of H. and M. Roberts (died May 4, 1894, aged 13 yrs. 10 mos. 8 days)

Two other Roberts boys are buried here who were struck by lightening as they stood in a barn during a thunderstorm.  (No recording of the burials)




*I don't know if Wilbur and Wayne are the same son or if Wayne is buried there but not recorded.  Only one Sprague is recorded there.


Hope this helps you.  Jan