NAMES: Cauble, O'Connor

Dear Janina,
St Mary's Catholic Cemetery is now called Mt Sterling Catholic Cemetery. The name was change in 1919. I double checked the entries but could not find any reference to Mary Margaret O'Connor Cauble. In fact there are no Listings for the surname Cauble or any variation. This doen't mean she is not buried there because this cemetery has been in existence since the 1850's. There were at least two other Catholic burial grounds in the area nearby but many of the graves were moved to the St. Mary's Cemetery. The book indicates that many of the burials and records have been lost. I suppose that even one as late as 1901 could be among them.

I will add your information to the book for future reference but the source you found appears pretty accurate and complete. If you could let me know your source, I could include it with the entry.

There is another possibility. She may have been married a second time and buried under a different surname.

I checked all Marys and Margarets in the O'Connor listings to see if there was a daughter listed under a married surname who died in 1901 but didn't find one.

I checked the 1880 census for O'Connors but there weren't any. I also checked O'Connell, just in case. I don't have the 1990 census indexed yet, but it will be one of my next projects. The fact that she died in 1901 may be a good chance of finding her.

That's all for now.
Ken Huffman
Janina Miller wrote:

Hello again,
You did a cemetery search in "Cemeteries of Brown County, IL, 1825-1972" for me last November for Mary Margaret O'Connor. I have since found out exactly which cemetery she is buried in. Would you mind checking your database with this new information?

Mary Margaret O'Connor CAUBLE
St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery
Mt. Sterling, Brown, IL
b. April 1, 1818
d. December 31, 1901

Thanks a million.
Janina Miller


Dear Janina,

I'm sorry to say that we have no access to the Brown County newspapers. We live in Colorado and they are housed in the public library in Versaille, IL. I do have a resource for you, however, that I just found out about. Michael DeWitt (VGHS) told me his mother keeps track of the current local Brown County obituaries, sort of as a hobby, I guess. Perhaps she can take the time to look one up for you on the microfilm. I have misplaced the message he sent telling me her email address, but you can reach him at:

Please let us know if this works out for you, and whether we can help you in the future. Best of luck,

Laurie Huffman
Brown County, IL Lookups


Janina Miller wrote:

I had the Versailles Historical Society look up my great, great grandmother under all of her married names. I thought her last husband was Cauble, but she apparently married a John Campbell (found in the IL marriage index using the name Mary Ham) and that is the last married name that she was found under in the Mt. Sterling Catholic Cemetery (Campbell), d. 1901, 82 yrs. Brown County Cemetery book, p.162.

When you have time, do you think you could see if there is anything in the newspaper about her death? You mentioned the Mt. Sterling Newspaper was microfilmed.

Thanks so much.
Janina Miller