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Dear Mr. Kneebone,

Thank you for such kind words about the Brown county Website.

In looking at the information on the Clark family in the records I have, there is so much that I feel that I will not do it justice by extracting only those things I think you may be interested in. I m going do send images of the pages of information I have. This is probably not the wisest course, considering the copyright issues potential. However, in consideration of time and accuracy of the information, I will send it in this format. The author of much of the material, Meribah Clark, was a key contributor and compiler of the information contained in the book "Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois, 1825-1972". Filenames for the pages from this book are CBC-###.jpg. The ### is the page number. I have also included a page from History of Schuyler and Brown Counties, Illinois. It's filename is HSBC-278-279.jpg.

The pages from the burial listings on pp 210-211 are from the Mt Sterling City Cemetery.

These files are quite large and I do not know what facilities you have for uncompressing them, so I will send them two files per email and hope you will be able to receive them. Let me know if there is a problem.

There is at least one other Clark family in the county. They have spelled their name Clarke. I have not included information on them, since they do not appear to be related to your line.

I live in Herndon, Virginia and anytime you are up this way and would like to see any other information I have please call 703-796-1141 (home) or 800-477-6111 x5796 (work).


Ken Huffman

Cemeteries of Brown County, p. 210

Cemeteries of Brown County, p. 211

Cemeteries of Brown County, p. 246

Cemeteries of Brown County, p. 247

Cemeteries of Brown County, p. 495

Cemeteries of Brown County, p. 496

Cemeteries of Brown County, p. 497

History of Schuyler and Brown Counties, p. 278- 279

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Mr. and Mrs. Huffman,

Thank you very much for all the good information and other resources that you have placed on the Borwn County, Illinois, Web site. I am grateful for your hard work (and, being married to the founder and first director of the Library of Virginia's Digital Library Program, as well as being a founding editor of the Dictionary of Virginia Biography Project, I do know just how much work goes into a good site like yours and how valuable the information that you make available is to researchers).

Thank you also for your generous offer to do lookups for those of us who live at a distance from Brown County.

I am writing about a man named William {Lloyd} Clark, who was born in Brown County in 1869, and need information about his family.

In the online index to Cemeteries of Brown County, 1825-1972, I find on pages 210-211 (the Mt. Sterling Cemetery, I assume) the following (with my notes in brackets, if these are the people I think that they are):

Abner Clark [paternal grandfather, b. ca. 1820];
Alexander H. Clark [stepfather, d. 1917];
John T. Clark [brother, d. ca. 1892];
Laura Briggs Clark [mother, 1850-1929]
Mary Ann Clark [aunt, dau. of Abner]
Julia Clark [paternal grandmother, named Judith in 1880 census, d. after 1886]
T. A. or Thomas A. (p. 211) [father, b. ca. 1845, d. 1886]

Thank you in advance for any information that you might be able to provide about any of these people.

I am particularly interested in Thomas A. Clark, whose son wrote that he was "assasinated." I suspect a bit of exaggeration, but the father's death was traumatic for the family--with William Clark and his sister Naomi Clark, both teenagers, sent to live and work for Abner Clark, while Laura Briggs Clark, the widow, moved into the household of her father, Lewis Briggs, with her youngest son, John T. Clark. His death in 1892 was third death of a child that poor Laura Clark suffered.

Also, should you come across any original references to William Clark, son of Thomas A. Clark and Laura Briggs Clark, I would be grateful to know if he had the middle name of "Lloyd." He was known as William Lloyd Clark in adulthood, but before 1900 I have found references only to William Clark, and I suspect that he adopted the middle name to associate himself with the reformist heritage of the pre-Civil War abolitionist editor, Wm. Lloyd Garrison.

Well, now I HAVE gone on too long. Please forgive my multiple requests. Any and all assistance that you might be able to provide, including suggestions of other places to look, will be appreciated.


John T. Kneebone
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