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Dear Edna,

Laurie reported the information as given in The Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois, pp 226, 247. It is somewhat obvious that you are correct since even the burial record would make Catherine only 12 years old when Lydia was born. Itís obvious that the person providing the information in the Cemeteries book was wrong about the relationships. If you have additional information that could clarify the relationships, I really would appreciate it. I make entries in my Cemeteries book of errors and their corrections. Any information you have would help me avoid this mistake on future requests.


Given the information we have in the Cemeteries book is secondary source information, Iím inclined to believe that the Lydia Clark listed on p 226 is not the same person as the person listed in the Clark family relationships on p. 247. The compiler says both are married to Thomas R. McDannold and this is where the confusion begins. There is no Lydia Clark listed anywhere else in the relationships section with whom Lydia McMurray could be confused with. It is also possible that the birth year could be wrong. I do not have access to any marriage record for Thomas R. and Lydia so I cannot confirm the record from that source.


Ken Huffman



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On your reponse to JOY BENEMAN on July 20,2002, you stated that Lydia Clark was not a Clark but a daughter of Thomas C. McMurray & Catherine Clark, please check the dates as per my data she would have been too old to be their daughter, as I have they were married in 1867 and she was born in 1858.  


I am in the process of going through the entire Brown Co. 1860 and 1870 census and will let you know if I find out anything different.


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