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Fearing that no one would open the earlier message I sent because it had no subject, I'm sending this message a second time. I apologize for my error.

I recently visited the National Archives where I got the following information about Jeremiah Clark of Ripley, Brown Co., IL from his Military Pension file from the Civil War. I thought there might be someone on the list who could use this information.

LouAnn Cameron

From the Pension file of Jeremiah Clark dated 15 January 1898:

Married at Bridgeport, Indiana on the 7th day of June 1856 by William Sampson. He says a family record exists in our Bible. He signed with a mark. Also in the file is a certified copy of the marriage record from Floyd Co., IN.

He listed his children as follows:

Ireana J. b 18 Apr 1858
William H. b 28 Jun 1860
George W. b 22 Dec 1868 (deceased)
Sarah M. b 07 Jun 1866
Laura E. b 20 Jun 1868
Harison A. b 10 Aug 1870 (I had him listed as Albert)
Jeremiah F. b 16 Aug 1873 (I had him listed as Franklin)
John M. b 11 Feb 1876

On the pension application of Elizabeth (undated) she states she is 79 and was born 17 Oct 1837 at Crawford Co., Ohio

On his pension application Jeremiah stated that he had volunteered at Lynnville, TN on or about the 01 January 1864 for three years and was honorably discharged at Decamp Gen'l Hosp, David Island, NY on 01 August 1865. (This must have been a reenlistment, as he originally enlisted at Quincy, IL.)

While in service and in line of duty at Bentonville, South Carolina on 21 March 1865 he received a gunshot wound in the right arm, the ball hitting his right arm just under the point of the elbow shattering the bones of the arm to such an extent that they had to be taken out.

He lists his residence as Ribley, Brown Co., IL, and states he has no occupation as he is unable to work. He appointed Art Glenn of Mt. Sterling, IL as his attorney.

Elizabeth Adkins Clark applied for a Widow's Pension stating that Jeremiah had enlisted on 01 Aug 1862 at Quincy, IL in Co., H 50 IL infantry and was honorably discharged 13 July 1865 and died on 30 day of Oct 1910. She stated that she was Elizabeth Ann Adkins and married Jeremiah Clark on 07 Jun 1856 by William Sampson, J.P. at Bridgeport, IN. She also stated that neither of them had been previously married. She signed her own name.