NAMES: Cole, Morrel

Dear Kathy,

I checked for records of Joshua Cole in the Cemeteries of Brown county, but did not find him. I'm attaching two scanned files of the History of the Morrelville Cemetery that gives some information about Morrelville. I also looked for Family Histories for Coles and Morrels but again found nothing. I did find this one short excerpt in the Hostory of Schuyler and Brown Counties, published in 1882 on p. 346:

"About 1847 ... Elmer Morrel and Arthur martin settled in section 36 [Buckhorn Twp]. Morrel is a native of Ohio and is still living on the place where he first settled; reared a family, some of whom are also residing near him."

Ken Huffman

Cemeteries of Brown County, p. 18
Cemeteries of Brown County, p. 19

bob canaday wrote:

Hi, I made a mistake on the name of the wife that married the James Snelling. Mary Morrell married the Joshua Cole, and after he died she moved to iowa, and married the James Snelling. I went over the info that you sent from the cemetery. I think I connected some of them, except the dau nancy age 4 d. 1872.Whe did she belong to? The nancy that d. in 1877, should be their dau. I am still trying to find Joshua cole that died in brown co, ill. Could you find anything that tells the history of how Morrellville was established? Any Info on the Joshua would be appreciated. The info that I found, came from, and i noticed that they had 2 different cyrus morrell's married to the same lady. The older cyrus was elmore's brother, and the younger was elmore's son. Guess that you can't rely on that source. I will connect with the source, and hopefully get it corrected. If by chance you could get pictures of tombstones, I would like to add them to my records. The main ones would be elmore, wife nancy, son benjamin,son perry, son william, son cyrus, dau elmira, dau nancy 1877. would pay for any fees. If you can get the death records of any of these people, would appreciate it. Thank you for your help in my search, and the info that you have sent.