Coleman, Glaze

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Subject: RE: Brown County (1860 Census Index)
Here is the 1860 Census information you requested:
1860 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Versailles Twp
690/672     8 July 1860
Jacob Coleman 41 m carpenter Indiana
Mrs. N. Coleman 42 f Kentucky
John Coleman 20 m laborer Indiana
Lydia Coleman 17 f  Indiana
Geo. Coleman 13 m Indiana
M.A. Coleman 10 f Indiana
H. J. Coleman 7 m Indiana
Nancy Coleman 3 f Indiana
845/820        18 July 1860
W. W. Glaze 45 m farmer Ohio
Mrs. E. Glaze 35 f Ohio
E. J. Glaze 10 m Ohio
M. J. Glaze 3 f Illinois
M. F. Glaze 10/12 f Illinois
Maria Coleman 20 f Ohio
Waitman Willey 23 m farmer Ohio
Samuel Glaze 22 m farmer Ohio
Ken Huffman
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Subject: Brown County (1860 Census Index)



I am looking for information on dependent children of the following two people:


Coleman, Jacob



Coleman, Maria




Specifically I am looking for a John L Coleman, born in Illinois in 1854.


Thank you, Wa-do    Tsu-na-li-i, Diolch yn fawr, Molte Grazie, Xie xie, Muchas Gracias,


Aaron Carapella

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