Caulkin, Condee, Skelton

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Dear Mike,

Here’s the information you requested:
Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois, pp. 211, 235, 248, 251, 411

Mt Sterling City Cemetery


Henry M. Condee, 5 or 6 May 1825 – 27 Dec 1910 [ The birth date had a typo and was given as May t, 1825]

Jane Rickey, wife of Henry M. Condee, 25 Sep 1828 – 19 Jul 1906

Arthur E. Condee, adopted son of Henry M. Condee, 6 Jun 1871 – 13 Feb 1848

Mae Fenn, wife of Arthur E. Condee, 1873 – 1962, dau. of Robert S. and Josephine (Parke) Fenn

Verlin Condee, son of Arthur E. Condee [Mentioned as husband of Beatrice. There is no record of his burial in the county.]

Beatrice Caulkin, wife of Verlin Condee, 1902 – 1953

Bessie Condee, wife of Walter Skelton, dau. of  Arthur E. Condee, 13 Mar 1891 – 1 May 1843 [ Appears not to have been married in the state and there is no burial record for her husband.]



Ken Huffman


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    I am interested in burial information on the following family which was listed in the above publication.  The family surname is CONDEE.  The following family members and page numbers were listed,


Arthur E. 211/412

Beatrice C. 211

Bessie  235

Henry M 211

Jane (Rickey) 211

Mae (Fenn) 211

Verlin 211.


Whatever limited amount of information is available on these individuals will be greatly appreciated.

Should anyone from your area need research in my area of the country (Norfolk, Virginia), I will be more than glad to assist them in any way.

Thank you for your kind assistance.


Mike O'Shea

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