Names: Cory, Crawford, Henley, Hutchinson, Parrack, Smith


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Dear Robin,


Here are the names you requested. In some cases I added a spouse. These are marked with an asterisk (*).


Laurie Huffman


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Mt. Sterling City Cemetery, p. 211, 212, 219, 235, 236:


      Minerva Crawford w/o W. S. Cory 7 Sep 18__-5 Nov 1894)

      *W. Cory (2 Jan 1813-20 Feb 1899)

      Enos Crawford (d. 19 Dec 1891 aged 58-7-2)

      *Sarah J. Hutchinson, w/o Enos Crawford (7 Nov 1830-18 Dec 1908)

      Madison Henley (d. 16 Jan 1876 aged 36-4-18)

      Abe L. Smith (26 Feb 1899-1957) NOTE: Misc Burials p. 415 gives full death

date:19 Sep 1957.

      Mary E. w/o G. M. Smith (1851-1928)

      Mary, w/o Joseph Smith (d. 25 Apr 1874 aged 74 yrs)

      *Joseph Smith (d. 6 Nov 1848 aged 58 yrs)


West Side Cemetery, Versailles, p. 373:


      Mary E. w/o James Smith (1851-1896)

      *James Smith (1855-1948)


Misc Burials p. 410:


      Mary Smith, age unknown, Mt. Sterling, 4 May 1939


Bowman Cemetery, Buckhorn Township, p. 14, 15: (A. Smith reference is for the initial of the father of the child. )


      Thomas Parrack (no dates given)

      Margaret w/o T. Parrack (no dates given)

      Nicholas, s/o A. & M. Smith (d. 18 Dec 1853 aged 2-2-4)





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Would you please look up the following for me?


Henley, Madison p. 219

Crawford, Enos p. 212

Crawford, Minerva p. 211

Parrack, Thomas  p14

Parrack, T p. 14

Smith, A p 15

Smith, Abe L. pp 235, 415

Smith Mary E. pp235,373

Smith, Mary pp 236,410


Thanks for your help.


Robin Roderick

(gg granddaughter of Madison Henley)