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Dear Claudia,

Here’s the information you requested:

From Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois

Cooperstown Cemetery, p 29

John B. Cox, 23 Aug 1871, age 52 y, 5 m, 11 d,

Sarah L. Bridwell, wife of John B. Cox, 22 Apr 1870, age 50 y, 7 m, 20 d.

[There are children and grandchildren listed here.]


Mt Sterling City Cemetery, pp. 212, 411

John Lee Cox, 1866 – 22 Sep 1945

Edith Brown, wife of John Lee Cox, 1879 - 1947

[ A son and brother are also listed here.]


Mt Sterling Catholic Cemetery, pp. 162

Edward B. Cox, son of Charles and Anna Cox, 1895 – 1954

James A. Cox, son of Edward and Lucille Cox, 1930 – 1955

[Other members of this Cox family are also listed here.]



Ken Huffman



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Dear Ken and Laurie:

After searching your permanent burial index, I discovered three names I
would like information on.
One is John B. Cox on page 29, John Lee Cox on pages 212 and 411 and
Edward Cox on page 162.
Thank you so much for your time.  Also, where can I write for obituary
information in Brown County?
Thanks again.  Claudia