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From: Ken and Laurie Huffman [[email protected]]
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To: Beverly Gauerke
Subject: RE: Burials

Dear Beverly,

Here’s the information you requested:

Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois


Mt Sterling City Cemetery, pp. 212, 213, 248, 249-250,  409


B. E. Craig (1858 – 1940)

Annie Craig (1873 - 1908)

[The family relationships section lists B. E, Craig as S. E. Craig. I suspect that this is your Samuel Craig. If the dates are correct according to the burial certificate please let me know and I’ll list his full name for future reference. I you have a way to send a copy of the death certificate, I would be happy to place it on the web for others.]


John C. Daniels 23 Aug 1838 – 19 Nov 1907

 [p. 409 gives his death year as 1901. I do not know for sure which date is correct. P. 409 is from a separate list the compilers used and it’s heading is “Deaths in Brown County in 1901”. I tend to think 1901 is the correct year and the headstone readers got it wrong but I can not be certain.


Charlotte Daniels 9 Jan 1884 – 7 May 1919

[Charlotte’s year of birth in the relationship’s section is given as 1844. Given the age of her husband, 1844 is probably the correct date. Four of their children are listed here.]


You are one of the few lucky ones who have typo errors in the burial entries that have the correct information in the family relationships sections. You probably have a record. You’ve requested four people and three of them have errors. It doesn’t inspire confidence.


As far as being able to verify these records, well, you can see part of the problem. This information was compiled in the 1970’s from all the paper records that could be found and from actually reading the headstones. The Cemeteries book is a secondary source of information. Your primary source is Samuel’s Death Certificate. The difference is in when the records were made. The Death certificate was made on or very near the time of his death as a result of his death. It is a primary record of the event. The burial record was compiled many years later and the source of the information is not clearly stated. It could have been any of the sources I mentioned above or a combination. Some of it may even have been from the compiler’s personal knowledge. We don’t know for sure and cannot tell from what is now available to us.


If you go to Brown County and ask for this information, they refer you to the book and no further effort is made. I suspect that the original records may no longer exist in many cases. So the Death Certificate is your best source of death and possibly burial information. I say ‘possibly’ on the burial because my 2nd great grandmother’s death certificate says she is buried in Ripley Cemetery, but I found her headstone in the Huffman Cemetery over near Cooperstown. Someone changed their mind after the death certificate was filled out or they waited too long and forgot where she was laid and put the headstone where they thought she should be. All the people who might know are gone now. So there you have it, my little tale of woe on certainties.



Ken Huffman


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Subject: Burials


Dear Ken & Laura,


I have been looking for this family for a long time, and would appreciate your help.  This is what you have on site in the list of permanent residents:


John C. DANIELS   213,409

Charlotte DANIELS  213

Annie CRAIG  212   

B.E. CRAIG  212


Can you tell me how I might verify someone is buried in the Mt. Sterling Cem.?  I have a death certificate for my grandfather, Samuel Ernest CRAIG, that says he was buried there.  He is the husband of Annie CRAIG, but is not in your list.


Thank-you for your time, and I hope you have a great day.


Beverly Gauerke