Crane, Jaques, Nothern, Stinson

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Dear Susan,

Here’s the information you requested:


1840 Census of Brown County, Illinois, pp. 170, 174

William Jaques  1-m       age 20-30

                        1-f         under 5

                        1-f         age 20-30


Hyram Jaques   1-m       age 20-30

                        1-f         under 5

                        1-f         age 15-20


1860 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Elkhorn Twp


Benjamin Jaques 27 m laborer Ohio

Mrs. Jaques 22 f Ohio

James H. Jaques 4 m Iowa

John W. Jaques 1 m Illinois



Samuel Jaques 61 m farmer New York

Mrs. E. Jaques 56 f New York

Harriett Jaques 15 f Illinois

Susan Jaques 14 f Illinois

Amanda Jaques 12 f Illinois

John Jaques 19 m Ohio



William Jaques 22 m farmer New York

Mrs. C. Jaques 23 f Illinois

J. D. Jaques 2/12 m Illinois



H. C. Northern[sic] 28 m farmer North Carolina

Mrs. Mary Northern 19 f Illinois

John D. Northern 2 m Illinois

Louisa Northern 4/12 f Illinois

Catherine Stindson 14 f Illinois


[This entry has a couple problems: on the film, Nothern is spelled Northern and Stinson is spelled Stindson.]



1870 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Town of Mt Sterling

Elias F. Crane 50 m Merchant New York

Catherine Crane 49 f New york

David B. Crane 25 m Clerk in store Indiana

David H. Crane 18 m Clerk in store Indaina

Catherine Nothern 32 f  Domestic North Carolina



Ken Huffman



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Hi.  My name is Susan and I am doing research into a lot of families.  It seems as though my family runs into so many families and a lot of time it intertwines with the same families three to four times.  I really appreciate any help that you can give me.


In the 1860 census will you look up?

Nothern*, Henry* C.   E1069

Jaques, Benjamin   E965

Jaques, Samuel  E967

Jaques, William   E1012


In the 1870 census,

Nothern, Catherine  MS24


In the 1840 census will you look up?

Jaques, WM   174

Jaques, Hyram   170

thank you for all of your time.  You sure are wonderful!