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Dear Barbara,

Based on William’s death date you should be able to get his death certificate from the State of Kansas. There may be some helpful information there. Another thing to do is track the family using the census.  Start with the 1930 and work backwards. If they have moved around a lot, you may have to use some of the Census indexes. Since you know that William was born in 1855, the family should be in the area. I didn’t find them in the 1850 or 1860 Censuses but there is a Benjamin Franklin Crawford there in both and he appears in the Cemeteries Book.


Here’s the 1850 Census Benjamin Crawford:































Clarisy A.










Here’s the 1860 Census, Missouri Twp

1663/1601  7 Sep 1860

B. F. Crawford 30 m farmer Illinois

Mrs. M. Crawford 30 f Kentucky

M. C. Crawford 8 f Illinois

S. J. Crawford 7 f Illinois

Wm. N. Crawford 6 m Illinois

James A. Crawford 4 m Illinois

Martha Crawford 2 f Illinois


Here’s the 1870 Census, Lee Twp

4/4  20 Jun 1870

Benjamin Crawford 41 m farmer Illinois

Mary E. Crawford 40 f Kentucky

Mary Crawford 17 f Illinois

Sarah Crawford 16 f Illinois

William Crawford 14 m Illinois

James Crawford 13 m Illinois

Martha Crawford 10 f Illinois

Faira B. Crawford 8 f Illinois

Robert Crawford 6 m Illinois

Lillean Crawford 3 f Illinois


Both Benjamin and Mary died before the 1880 Census.

From the Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois

Mounds Cemetery p. 295

Benjamin F. Crawford, d. 19 Dec 1876, age 47 y, 1 m., 17 days

Mary E., wife of Benjamin F. Crawford,  d. 22 Oct 1876, age 47 y, 3 m, 8 days.

Martha, dau. of Benjamin and Mary Crawford, d. 29 Oct 1877


It’s curious that all of them died very close. Must have been an illness or accident. All the other children must have been farmed out to relatives.


Here are some marriages:

CRAWFORD, BENJAMIN F  HALEY, MARY ELIZABETH     08/01/1850     A&B/00000050    BROWN              

CRAWFORD, ROBERT      HOUSTON, MARTHA           06/07/1893    1A /165  1987    BROWN              

HARMISON, JAMES       CRAWFORD, MARY CATHERINE  12/27/1870    C  /83   1182    BROWN              

HEDENBERG, WILLIAM    CRAWFORD, SARAH J         04/18/1873    C  /100  1475    BROWN              

CURRY, BEVERLY        CRAWFORD, FAIRY           05/24/1880    C  /154  308     BROWN              

SEALS, JOHN D         CRAWFORD, LILLIE          09/26/1888    1A /112  1349    BROWN              


It looks like the daughters stayed in Brown County but the sons appear to have left to find wives.


B. F Crawford (1877) has a probate record at the County Clerks Office  -- Box # 63

There is one for James R. Crawford (1954) – box # 188

There is one for Robert Crawford (1911) – box # 138

There is on for William C. Crawford (1905) – box # 126




Now finally, Here’s the information you requested:


1870 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Ripley Twp

90/90   6 Jun 1870

William Crawford 36 m potter Ohio

Martha Crawford 26 f Illinois

Henry Crawford 8 m Illinois

Arthur Crawford 5 m Illinois

Gilbert Crawford 3 m Illinois

Estella Crawford 1 f Illinois



Ken Huffman




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I saw on your RootsWeb site that you had done some work on the 1870 Census in Brown county, Illinois.  There is a William Crawford....R90 on your page there.


I am looking for a William Martin Crawford, born 11 Oct 1855 in Mount Sterling, Brown, Illinois.

He had left there by 1886 as he was married in Kansas by then.  His fathers name was Franklin Crawford, but that is all I know about him.


Would you know of anyway I could find anymore information on this name?  He is my great grandfather and died in 1948 in Kansas, so you wouldn't think he would be so hard to find, but I haven't been able to find anything else about him.


Thanks for any help you can give me.


Barbara Parry


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