Cross, Gross, Hammel, Woods, Woolen, Yockey

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Dear Mary,
Here is the information you requested:
From Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois
Zion Luteran Cemetery
Pearl Woolen (9 Nov 1961, aged 14 years)
William B. Yockey (1869-1942)
[There is a note that there are 6 Woolen or Yockey stones without names and dates.]
Versailles West Cemetery
James S. Woods (1864-1932)
Anna Hammel Woods [Cross]/Gross (1869-1945)
Florine Mae Woods (6-9 Sep 1936)
William W. Woolen (1880-1945)
On pg 387 in family relationships: Florine Yockey is the wife of Herbert Woods. Herbert is a second cousin to Marcus, William George and Arthur Woods. James is a first cousin to these also and his wife is Anna Hammel Cross. There seems to be a typo because the name is Gross in one place (p. 376) and Cross in the other (p. 387)
Ken Huffman

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Hi, could you do a look up for me for Brown Co, Permanent Residents Index. Cemeteries of Brown Co ILL from 1825 to 1972


Pearl Woolen- 80

William W Woolen- 376

James S Woods- 376

Florine Mae Woods- 376

Anna Woods (Hammel)- 376

William B Yockey-80


Thank you so much

Mary Gray Wann