Curlis, Hetrick, Myers, Reddick, Webb

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Dear Sue,

This is an interesting lookup.


Frank Reddick is buried in the Boman Cemetery with no dates.

Rebecca J. Reddick wife of Nicolas S. Hetrick is buried in the Logan Creek Cemetery and died 21 Sep 1895, ages 63 yrs, 7 mo., 6 days.


Go to:

For maps to the cemetery locations. Bowman cemetery and Logan creek cemetery are in cooperstown Twp.


There is no way from the Cemeteries Book to determine if these are your great grandparents. However, here are some marriages that may help tie things together.


Groom                          Bride                                 County              Date                         Book/Page       

REDDICK, FRANK    WEBB, ADALINE       ADAMS       08/09/1854    /             
REDDICK, FRANK    MYERS, REBECCA J    PIKE        05/31/1883    /0114 00000144


HETRICK, NICHOLAS REDDICK, REBECCA JANE   BROWN   08/09/1849    A&B/     00000521
CURLIS, JOHN      REDDICK, REBECCA JANE   BROWN   12/20/1888    1A /114  1383  
Now you can see that the Rebecca J Myers that Frank married is not the same person as the Rebecca Jane Reddick married to Nicholas Hetrick.  I checked this because sometimes the marriages give both the married name and the maiden name of the brides when they remarry. 

Another separating factor is that Nicholas did not die until 1911, so it is highly probable that these are three different women.


If the Frank and Rebecca listed in the marriage are your great grand parents, Rebecca’s burial has been lost or she remarried and is buried under a different surname.


You can look up other Illinois marriages at:



Hope this helps,


Ken Huffman


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My Great Grandparents were Frank and Rebecca Reddick.  We do not know where they are buried, but I found their names on this Brown County site.


Any help with where they are buried would be appreciated.


Thank You,       Sue Lane


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