Names: Curry, McDonald

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Here’s the information you requested:

From Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois

Mt Sterling City Cemetery, pp. 212, 249

Joseph W. Curry, 23 Jan 1834 – 21 Feb 1905

Anna A. McDonald, wife of Joseph W. Curry, 4 Oct 1834 – 27 Dec 1904

[Looks like the burial record reversed the order of her given and middle names.]


The also have a son buried in the Beans Cemetery in Missouri Twp:
Beans Cemetery, pp. 113-115

John W., son of Joseph W. and Ann Curry, d. 1 Jun 1856,  age 16 days.



Ken Huffman


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Ken -
Now that I really look at my request, I can see where I misled you. The burial
information I was looking for was that of Joseph William Curry, d. 21 Feb 1905
Mt. Sterling and his wife Amanda Anna McDonald Curry, d. 27 Dec 1904 Mt.
Sterling. Many thanks though for the marriage info. Somehow the Statewide
Marriage Index link wouldn't work for me.