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Subject: RE: Brown County Burial Info


Dear Cliff,

After reading through your explanation, I was not sure who you needed to have looked up. I looked up James, Frederick and Florence but found nothing in the burial records. I did find the following:


CURRY, FRED A     PETERS, ANNA S      01/20/1884 00C/0161 00008590 SCHUYLER           

WINANS, FRANK G   CURRY, FLORENCE A   02/03/1885 C  /222  900      BROWN              

CURRY, JAMES A    BURNS, BETTY        11/29/1866 C  /48   606      BROWN   

AVERY, PHILANDER  CURRY, ALICE S      12/25/1880 00C/0136 00008101 SCHUYLER           

COFFMAN, AMOS A   CURRY, MARY J       03/04/1885 C  /223  913      BROWN              


You might want to check Schuyler County for Frederick. He May have married twice.          


It appears that they all moved out of the County before their deaths except their mother, Mary. The Benjamin Franklin Robinson listed in the burial index has a wife by another name buried near him. Although he could have married twice, he was born in 1803, which would make him older than Mary's father.


I hope this helps a little.



Ken Huffman


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Ken/Laurie -


I'd like to once again ask for info from the Brown County Permanent

Resident book, but first a little info to help you zero in on the

particular persons.


I finally found parentage info for my great-grandmother, Mary Curry who

married Benjamin Franklin Robinson. Her parents, reportedly, were:

Joseph William Curry, b. 23 Jan 1824 (KY?/PA?), d.21 Feb 1905 in Mt.

Sterling, Brown, IL; and

Amanda Ann McDonald, b. 4 Oct 1834 (PA), d. 27 Dec 1904 in Mt. Sterling,

Brown, IL


Children included:

    i.    Mary, who I now know died and is buried in Augusta, KS

    ii.   John W. Curry, b. 1 Jun 1856, d. 17 Jun 1856, 16 days old

    iii.  James A. Curry, b 1859 - no more info

    iv.  Alice Curry, b. 1861, married Philander Avery, reported as died

in OK.

    v.   Fredrick A. Curry, b. 1864, married Eliza Unk - no further info


    vi.  Florence Ann Curry, b 1866, married Frank Grant Winans of Mt.


    vii. Charles Edward Curry, b. 1 Feb 1872 reported as buried in

Phoenix, AZ


I hope this info helps in identifying individuals from the index list.


Thanks again,

Cliff Morgan