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Dear Dixie,


Thank you for you interest in our website. I'm glad it has been helpful. We do not live in Brown County (sigh), and I do so much envy you the ability to drive there and home in a day. We have hopes of retiring there in the future, but one never knows.


For detailed information about graves, as well as obituaries, I strongly suggest you contact the good people who run the Versailles Area Genealogical & Historical Society. Go to our page at this url:, and note their web listing on that page. They have specific hours when they are open, but I think they can accommodate you for a special visit if they are informed ahead of time. It's well worth the visit. I also recommend checking with the courthouse (county clerk), or the local public library, both in Mt. Sterling. They will have additional information.


I hope these ideas will be of some help to you.


Regrding the Daniels family: The 1900, 1910 and 1920 census would be of great help in verifying the parents of the three last individualsI suggest you use (if you have it) and if not, a local LDS Family History Center will have it, free of charge.


Laurie Huffman




Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois 1825-1972

Hersman Cemetery, Mt. Sterling, p. 141, 147 (Family Relationships):


    Aaron Daniels (22 Dec 1867-15 Oct 1945)

    Lenona B. Wheeler, wife of Aaron Daniels (17 Jul 1871-6 Mar 1922) NOTE: p. 147 gives spelling as Menona - it is spelled this way 

        in the  marriage record, as well, but the family relationships section gives a second source for Lenona, so it's pretty much got to be

        proved by the obituary.

    Lottie, wife of Aaron Daniels (20 Dec 1882-2 May 1971)

    George Daniels ( 2 Nov 1869-2 Nov 1913) Brother of Aaron Daniels.

    Ida M. Wheeler, wife of George Daniels (22 Apr 1877-1 Apr 1941)

    Freddie A. Daniels (3 Jun 1905-3 Jan 1908) Parents not specified.

    Ruth M. Daniels (28 Jul 1900-27 Jan 1920) Parents no specified.

    Cleo B. Daniels (23 Mar 1912-4 Jul 1927) Parents not specified.


NOTE: Lenona B. Wheeler and Ida M. Wheeler are the daughters of Thomas F. and Amanda Wheeler, who are also buried in this cemetery.



There is a will probated for Aaron Daniels (1946). As the Curcuit Court Office ask for his probate in Box #160. George Daniels (1913) is in Box 60. I didn't find a probate for John C. Daniels, but there is one ofr Charlotte (1915) in Box 73.


From the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index Online:

DANIELS, GEORGE md. WHEELER, IDA M. 06/19/1895, Bk 1A  p.187  Lic#2276     BROWN Co, IL  

DANIEL, AARON md. WHEELER, MENONA B. 08/14/1892, Bk 1A  p.16   Lic#1875     BROWN Co, IL





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Dear Laurie,

     I saw your answer to Beverly Gauerke of September 17, 2003 on the research page about the Craigs and Charlotte and John C. Daniels and appreciated the information, but I was at Mt. Sterling yesterday to take pictures of the graves of the Daniels and couldn't find where the graves wereDo you have this information or where could I find this information.  Also, I wanted to know about the rest of the children.

Aaron DANIELS  141, 411

George DANIELS  141

Lottie DANIELS  141

Mabel Hills DANIELS  295

Sherman E. DANIELS  295

William H. DANIELS  213


     I would love to have obituaries of these peopleDoes your library have these or where would I write to find out where they would be?   Is there a book of these that I could purchaseI just would like to know how to get this information.   Sherman E. and Mable Hill Daniels are buried at Mound Cemetery at Timewell and I took pictures of their graves, but I would like to know more about themMy grandmother was a Bain and Charlotte Daniels was a Bain alsoAny help that you can give me about this family would be greatly appreciated

                                                                     Thank you,

                                                                     Dixie List

   I live in Canton, IL and it was a beautiful day yesterday, so my husband and I took a drive to Mt. Sterling yesterday and could again if I have the needed information.