Darcy, Sweeney

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Hereís the information you requested:


The numbers following the names are the pages in the book where the names appear. The spaces are meaningless. I had problems with formatting when I converted the index from MS Word to HTML.


Mt Sterling Catholic Cemetery, p. 181

Catherine Darcy, wife of John Sweeney, 1875-49 years, born in County Monahan, Ireland


Iím afraid this wonít help you much. This is the only entry in the book for John.



Ken Huffman


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Hi, Hoping you can tell me something about where John Sweeney is buried. I found him on your web-site under Permanent Resident (cute)

in the Cemeteries of Brown County IL of 1825-1972, with the number 181 following it. Can you tell me what that means? Also I noticed some have one space following and some have two spaces, any reason?  I have found some of John's (my great-grandfather)  family, but I have not been able to find John.

Any help would be great ! Thanks!  Barb  McG.