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Dear Bill,

I have been helping so many people lately that Iíve gotten lost in all the replies. Could you give me a little more information on handwritten notes you are referring to? If it is the scan of an excerpt from the cemeteries book p. 41, the cemetery was the Crossroads Cemetery.


Mary and Noraís surname is spelled Stevens in the Cemetery book,. However, it is notorious for misspellings. I will note the correction and make changes as soon as possible.


William and Jessie Pearl are buried in the Mt Sterling City Cemetery.

William H. Davis (1872-1959)

Pearl (Stephens) wife of W. H. Davis (1874-1955) [They got the spelling correct on her.]


I do have any further information on these people in the County history books. There may be excerpts here and there under different family name or people they associated with, but without additional information we canít find them.


I would be happy to receive your gedcom. I have a program that converts gedcoms to html and makes it possible to place genealogical information on line very quickly. The program also detects who may still be living and does not add them unless an overriding option is turned on. I could place your information online for others to search and we could have it only do those who have died. If this sounds good to you just email the gedcom at your convenience. If not I would still be pleased to use it to assist in future look up on the family.



Ken Huffman



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Dear Ken:
One final, then I will try nor to bother you.  I just found the download of your "handwritten notes" which I presume to be a cemetery notation in Brown County.  What Cemetery is that?
The Mary Steven's correct name is Mary L. Stephens, sister of my grandmother Nora E. Stephens.  Mary and Emsley kept my father (2 at the time) and his two older brothers after Arthur and Nora divorced in abt 1912.  The J. M. Davis, son of Thomas Hampton Davis is James Monroe Davis.  His first wife listed as "Lizzie" is Emma Elizabeth Bluhm, sister of his second wife, Lydia Marie Bluhm. Last, but not least, Nora Davis Webber we believe to be James Monroe Davis and Lydia Marie Bluhm's daughter, Webber obviously being her married name.  Lizzie's daughter Abbey was Abbey Louise Davis    ( 1892 - 1892  age 7 months).
Hopefully this will help someone else trying to tie loose history together.
If you have the family information on the Thomas Hampton Davis family, there was a William Hampton Davis, brother to Lewis Richard and Emsley that married a third Stephens girl (Jesse Pearl) in Schuyler County.  You get the idea that they were all one large happy family.--Most of them were.
I have a FTM GED COM on all of the above plus the Bunfil / Chute / Bridgewater / Lanier / Stephens / Davis if you are interested and if it would help you in future queries.


Bill Davis