Davis, Ham, Kirkpatrick, McNary, Watson

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Dear Mary,

Im happy to help with this.


Heres the information you requested:


From Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois

Southside Cemetery, p. 353

Charles H. McNary, son of E. and M. C. McNary, 17 Sep 1869, age 9 m. 16 d.

Lilly L. McNary, dau. of E. and M. C. McNary, 24 May 1864, age 7 y., 5 m., 27 d.

[This could be your Ebenezer and Mary if the years are right.]


Mounds Cemetery pp. 295, 301

Abraham M. Watson, died at St. Paul, Minnisota, 9 Aug 1872, age 27 y., 10 m., 5 d. Co G 148 Illinois Inf.

Daniel K. Watson, 20 Jul 1818 20 Feb 1897, Co E 119 Reg. Illinois Vol.

Ruth Kirkpatrick Watson, wife of Daniel K. Watson, 25 Jun 1822 5 Aug 1874

James R. Watson, son of Daniel K. and Ruth Watson, 21 Oct 1868, age 19 y., 8 m., 19 d.

Emma Watson, wife of C. Judson Davis, 1851-1924

C. Judson Davis, 1847-1936


WestSide Cemetery p. 375

Millie Ham Watson, 1891-1972 or 1973 [There are two listings for Millie each one has different death year, one is probably a typo.]



Ken Huffman


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Hello Ken and Laurie,

I have been researching my ancestor (great-grandfather), Rolland Watson.  I was able to find him in Meredosia!  His father is James Watson, who died when Rollie was only 10 years old.  James married Mary Melissa McNary, whose parents were Ebenezer and Mary Catherine McNary.  Thus, I have highlighted in fuschia the names I would really appreciate you looking up when you have an opportunity.
McNary, Charles H.________ 353
McNary, E.________ ________353
McNary, Lilly L.________ 353
McNary, M. C.________ 353

Watson, Abraham M.________ 301
Watson, Daniel K.________ 301
Watson, Emma________ 295
Watson, James E.________ 301
Watson, Millie (Ham)________ 375
Watson, Ruth (Kirkpatrick)________ 301

I realize your name is posted on a worldwide website, so I certainly understand if you are not able to do this. 

Please advise if you can check the Brown County Cemetery Index.  I would be happy to do some lookups for you or someone you refer my way in return.

Thank you in advance,

Marie Butcher

Elmira, NY (Chemung County)