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The Cemeteries of Brown County book is currently the only cemetery record that the public has free access to. Several years ago, several dedicated Brown County citizens collected all the burial records and compiled them in the book. They also visited all of the cemeteries and read the headstones that existed were still readable. You may write the County Clerk’s Office to see if they can give you someone to check the records, but they will most likely look in the book and not the actual records.


The County Clerk can be contacted:

Brown County Clerk
Courthouse Bldg
200 West Court, Rm 4
Mt. Sterling, IL 62353
(217) 773-3421


I’m guessing that by Brown County Cemetery, you mean Mt Sterling City Cemetery. That’s where William and Nancy are buried. There are 11 people listed in several different cemeteries who have the surname ‘Dean’. I could send them all to you.  You are probably correct about where they parents are buried but it’s also possible that they do not show up in the Brown County burials because they were buried in a nearby county, like Adams or Schuyler. I’m also guessing that they may have died in the 1870’s. This is not so long ago in cemetery time that a stone marker would have been lost in the City Cemetery, but if they were poor and used wood or some other soft material their markers could have been lost. The City Cemetery appears to have had the most thorough and complete burial records of all the cemeteries, so it seems unlikely that they would have been lost that way. This is my logic for suggesting a look at the nearby county burial records.



Ken Huffman


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can you give me the address of the brown co cemetery so that i can write them and ask if our relatives are buried there with no headstone?  found their son buried there and think his parents are also there with no gravemarker.  the sons name and wife are William M. Dean and Nancy Johnson Dean.  thanks for any help you can give us.