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Dear Nancy,

I checked all of my resources for Ezra Dean. I did not find any references to Ezra or Edward. The Ezra in the military census seems to be the only place that Ezra appears. He is 43 so I would guess that he is not your Ezra Edward Dean. He could be the father. If so, they did not stay in the county very long. I cannot tell from your email where your Ezra was born. I have limited resources for Schuyler County but I can tell that there were some Dean families there. You might want to check there and Adams County as well. There was a lot of activity between there counties. Other surrounding counties my also be places where you should check as well.


The Robert Dean you mentioned in the 1870 Census is also in the 1860 census. He appears to be single in both living in a boarding house. The John Dean you mentioned in 1870 Census may be the son of J. B. Dean in the 1860 Census. Neither of them have sons named Ezra or Edward.


There are several Deanís in the Cemeteries Book but not of them appear to have any connection with your Ezra.


Sorry, Iím not any more help with this.


Ken Huffman




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Looking for DEAN family of Brown county who may be that of Ezra Edward Dean b 12, Nov 1856.

I have found in the 1862 Brown county Military Census Indez a Ezra.  Could this be the father or is the 1856 birth date I have incorrect?  Any data appreciated


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