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I'm still researching this because I'm wondering if they aren't brothers. I have the problem doing research that I'm on disability, so can't afford the websites that charge to get the census information that I need. I've found some information that was handed down thru the family to be wrong on dates and even on one maiden name. The husband's names right date for marriage right on certificate her unusual first name was right but her maiden name wasn't even close. Heard this year that there's a family secret, but oldest living relative didn't want to tell me what it was. This was on another side of the family. I'm researching, Dillon, Salrins  and Smith, Taylors, both of my parents mother and father's sides.  Sometimes I think yeah I found it only to realize no wrong last name with first name. Do you know anyone really versed in Civil War uniforms? I have a picture of a relative in uniform. I know he was with artillery because on his cap there's 2 cross cannons. Here's the problem his belt is like canvas no buckle and has places on it to put bullets. Plus his
stand up collar has U.S. signia on it. Haven't been able to find this in any military uniform book that I've looked at. Also having problem with time frame. I sure need help. Thanks for your assistance on the 1850 census. I'll  let you know if I figure out the John & Bridget question. Cheri Fischer    
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Dear Cheri,

Thanks for the correction. I have made changes to reflect the information you gave on Patrick and Mary Ann. However, John and Bridget Heir cannot be your John and Bridget Dillon. Your John and Bridget were born in 1850 and 1848, respectively. John and Bridget Heir in the 1850 Census are 50 and 30 respectively. If it turns out that they really are Dillons, John will be old enough to be Patrick’s father.


Ken Huffman

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In the 1850 Census you have on Page 366 listed Dilling, Patrick. These are my relatives always had names Dillon. In 1880 census showed as Dillon, Patrick wife Mary A. I went to 1850 census to find the rest of their children that weren't listed in 1880, because they were older. Always had Patrick as John's father, but maybe he was a brother. Family 1356 should be Dillon John, This is my Great Grandfather married Bridget Downey the listing fits what I have for their children. Maybe they put Heir meaning he was heir to the land?  I'm going to try find them on more census. My information on Dillon, Patrick born around 1813 Tipperary, Ireland married Mary Ann Elder she was born in Tennessee in 1820.

He was a farmer. Both died in Mt. Sterling, IL. . Married 10-6-1842 Vol 00B/0034 License # 00001016 Morgan County.

Cheri Fischer

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