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I'm sorry you got ignored. If you don't get a response to a lookup within two weeks, please resend the request, with a note that you sent it earlier (and the date it was sent). We rarely fail to respond within two or three days, but sometimes things slip through.


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The names you requested:


Cemeteries of Brown Co, IL 1825-1972, Bowman Cemetery, Buckhorn Township, p. 14:


    B. H. Dimmitt (d. 25 Jul 1875 aged 69-7-2) PAF calculated birth date: 23 Dec 1805

    Emeline Dimmitt, w/o B. H. Dimmitt (d. 28 Dec 1876 aged 46-7-21) PAF calculated birth date: 7 May 1830


Both their names are in the probate index:


    B. H. Dimmitt (1878) Box# 54

    Emeline Dimmitt (1881) Box# 71


It apparently took a while to probate Emeline's will.



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Dear Laurie, 

I previously sent a lookup request to someone else and haven't heard back.  It has been several weeks.  I know they are busy. 

The following were listed in the index for the Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois, 1825 - 1972

Dimmitt, B. H.________ 14
Dimmitt, Emeline________ 14

Thank you for your help.   I changed computers and don't know who I sent the request to. 

Laurie Jensen