NAMES: Dobey, Bell

I wanted to respond to the Cemetery Look-up for George Dobey and Martha, wife of George Dobey.  The request was granted by Laurie Huffman.  I have some additional information on Doby.
I ordered the marriage records from IRAD. 
Full name of Groom: George Doby
Place of residence: Buckhorn
Occupation: Farmer
Age at next birthday: 38 years. Color White, Race American
Place of birth, Saulsbury, Roan Co. N. C.  (guessing this is probably misspelled.)
Father's name:  Allen Doby
Mother's maiden name: Elisabeth ?. Burrage/Bussage.  -Hard to read the writing on this.
Number of Groom's Marriage, Second
Full name of Bride: Martha Bell
Maiden name, if a widow,_______________
Place of residence: Buckhorn
Age next Birthday, 28 years.  Color, White, Race: American
Place of birth:  Versailles, Brown Co., Ill.
Father's name:  John Bell
Mother's maiden name: Elisabeth Surratt
No. of Bride's Marriage: Second
Married at residence of E. Parks ,Cooperstown in the County of Brown and State of Illinois, the 18 day of Mar 1883.
Witness to Marriage, William D. Dunbar and Belle Dunbar.
I am not sure but it is looking like Martha's first marriage might have been to Benjamin Middaugh/Medaugh/Meado. IRAD marriage records# Vol.C, Pg. 83 Lic # 1191, Brown County, 1871-Jan-18, Benjamin Middaugh to Martha Ann Bell.  This record had no parents or additional info on it.   Benjamin and Martha Bell Middaugh had at least one son, Charles Meado.  I don't know whether Benj. died or they divorced. 
Charles Meado & Bertha Ann Waters, marriage records lists Charles's father as Benj. Meadows, and his mother as Martha Bell. 
I can't prove for certain that Martha Doby's first husband was Benjamin Middaugh/Medaugh/Meado, but everything I am finding is leading me to believe that there is a good possibility that she was.
Hope this info is helpful.
Patty Meado