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Dear Kim,

Here are the relationships as they are listed in the Cemeteries of brown County on page 250:

Thomas Dorman and wife Angeline Flynn and children Ida E. Butler, Mabel, Francis Thomas Dorman and wife Ary Houston with their dau. Lillian, wife of George Turner.


This seems to conflict with  other information. For example on p. 214, Francis is listed as Francis M. in stead of Francis Thomas. Another, in the State marriage listing Thomas Dorman of Brown County is married to Angeline Trobasco. Are these Angeline’s the same person married twice. If so, which is her maiden name?


GROOM               BRIDE                  CNTY        DATE       VOL/PAGE    LIC
DORMAN, THOMAS     TROBASCO, ANGELINE      BROWN       02/17/1881 C/162       401     


Based on the 1880 Census information, you can assume that this Angeline was his second wife and that the children listed as grandsons to Louis Dorman are Thomas’s children. His fist wife may have died at or shortly after  Birdie’s birth 5 months previous. Thomas should really be listed as widowed.I do not have my 1880 microfilm readily available. We’re getting ready to move and I packed it, so I verify the entry.


On page 67 of the Cemeteries book in the Jacques Cemetery is a listing for an Angeline Dorman, (3 Apr 1881, aged 19 yrs) and she is buried along with Birdie Dorman (27 Aug 1895, age 16 months). These do not appear tot be the same persons in Thomas’s family. BUT What if the transcriber of the burial record misread the entries and they really should be Angeline Dorman age 29 and Birdie (27 Aug 1880, age 6 mo.) That would make Birdie born in April when her mother died and approximately 5 months old when the census record was made. This is really a long shot, we not only have to assume the dates are wrong but that Thomas married two Angelines. One of them possibly Angeline Flynn, and the other Angeline Trobasco. While this is certainly unprovable at this time, they do come together in a kind of interesting way. If the things in the Cemeteries Book are really errors they are fine examples of the kinds of errors I have found and proven in other places in the book.


One other little piece of information that adds to the situation, the Jacques Cemetery is in Elkhorn Twp and the Dorman burlials were among the neighborhood burials. On the 1880 Census page just a couple of households away from Louis Dorman is a Jacques family.



I believe the B. D. and Addie Turner on p. 118 of the Cemeteries book are the same couple found in the 1870 Census.


On p 267 of the Cemeteries book, these relationships are given.

Walter G. Turner and wife Ida Williams

William J. Turner and first wife George Ann Kendrick and Lillian Dorman wife of son George. Also 2nd wife of W. J. Turner, Mietta Hickman Baird.


George Turner and wife Josephine Barrows, with son Charles H. and wife Carrie Smith and infant child of (1) dau Mary and Glenn Hersman.(2) Robert Turner with wife Eileen Simpson.  (3) Charles and Catherine M. Turner.


No information for farther back on James K. Polk Houston.


There is a James B. Moore and Cordelia Marrett who could be the parents of Deborah but I do not have any thing connecting them except that they are buried in the same cemetery. and they are the right age to be parents. She could be their 1st daughter. However, she is not in the 1870 Census and James her brother would be the same age. So this is probably a wild lead.


That’s about all there is in the records I have. Sorry there isn’t more.



Ken Huffman


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Last October you were kind enough to look up some people from your Brown County Permanent Resident Index. 

You had found Thomas Dorman (214) and Angeline Dorman.  But I have come to find out that Thomas was married prior to Angeline, and wonder if you would have any record of that.  I know he had a son in 1875, and Angeline was born in 1864, so there is no way she is his mom.   In the 1880 census, Elkhorn Township, page 18, dwelling 167 there are multiple generations listed, but I am unable to determine wives of the two sons, who have children but are listed as single.  Can you help?  Francis Dorman that is listed as 5 years old, I believe is my great-grandfather.

The other potential relatives that I would love any information that you may have are:

Addie Turner (118)
-possibly Adelisa or Adliza Turner, born approx 1820 in Kentucky

B. D. Turner (118)
-possibly Benjamin Turner, born approx 1820 in Kentucky, and died before 1880.

George Ann (Kendrick) Turner (238)
-no other information other than possibly born in Illinois and married to William James Turner on 21 Feb 1895.  (Would love any parents names.)

James K. Polk Houston (220)
-James K. or James P. Houston or Huston, born approx 1850. (Would love any parents information)               

Deborah (Moore) Houston (220)
-born approx 1855, married to James (would love any information).

Thank you for all your hard work.


Kim (Turner) Andrews
Chanhassen, Minnesota