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To: Nora J. Probasco
Subject: RE: Angeline Dorman buried in Jacques Cemetery

Dear Nora,

Yes there is an Angeline Dorman in the Jaques Cemetery. According to the book, Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois, she was in an old Jaques Cemetery Burial Record.


Angeline Dorman, 3 April 1881, 19 yrs



Ken Huffman


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Subject: Angeline Dorman buried in Jacques Cemetery


I found the following posting on the Internet from a message you sent Carol Lackey in 2003. I was wondering if you have an Angeline Dorman listed in the Jacques Cemetery as well? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Nora Probasco

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Subject: RE: Probasco and Dorman


Dear Carol,

Here is the information you requested:

From Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois

Jaques Cemetery
, p. 67

Lewis Probosco, 12 Jan 1888, age 1 m, 8 d.

Melinda Probosco, 14 Jan 1888, age 21 m.


Mt Sterling City Cemetery, pp. 214, 238, 250

Thomas Dorman, 1851 - 1927

Angeline, wife of Thomas Dorman, 1864 - 1946

Mable, dau. of Thomas and Angeline Dorman, 1893 - 1911

Ida E. Butler, dau. of Thomas and Angeline Dorman, 4 Jan 1886 - 1905 [Butler is a married name, but no husband is listed.]

Francis M. Dorman, 1875 - 1951 [relationships section gives his name as Francis Thomas Dorman]

Ary E. Houston, wife of Francis M. Dorman, 1876 - 1943

Lillian Dorman, wife of George Turner, 19 May 1900 - 7 Feb 1930

George Turner, 1899 - 1960



Ken Huffman