Drew, Monckton

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Dear Jim,

Here's the information you requested:


From Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois

Mt Sterling Catholic Cemetery, p. 175

Nicolas Monckton, 1827 - 1912

Catherine Drew, wife of Nicholas Monckton, 1843 - 22 Apr 1902 [day and month from p.409]


Mary E. Monckton, dau of John and Bridget Monckton, 1885 - 1967


These do not look like the people you are looking for. There are no other Nickolas's listed in the Cemeteries book. I suggest looking in the 1900 Census to see if he shows up there. It appears that he may have left the County before his death.


Sorry, I coiuldn't be more help.


Ken Huffman


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I'm trying to trace my family on my Mother's side, Monckton.

This family left Ireland towards the end of the 19th century and settled in

Mt Sterling.

My great-grandfather was Nicholas Monckton who was born in 1853 and

emigrated to the US about 1891. I've lost track of him from that time but

noticed 2 listings for Nicholas Monckton in the Brown County cemetery book,

one on page 175 and the other on page 409. I do know that he married Mary

O'Neal and the book lists Mary Monckton on page 175 and Monckton, Wife (of

Nicholas)________ on page 409.


I would be grateful for any further details.

Thanks in anticipation


Jim FitzGerald