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The Eddy's appear to have left very little evidence of their living in Brown County. I have checked all of my resources and found nothing on them. However, a note of some interest is that Richard and Rebecca were married more than a year after Maggie was born, when comparing the dates on the birth certificate with the marriage date below.


EDDY, RICHARD   HEMPHILL, REBECCA    05/04/1867 C  /55   693      BROWN 


My guess is that the date on the death certificate is two years off. 9 months after their marriage is February.   This might indicate something. I would consider the marriage date more accurate of the two, since it is a primary record and an official event record. The birth date on the death certificate is less likely to be accurate.


There is a river on one of the Brown County Boundaries that was used for shipping. It is the Sangamon River and the Light House could have been there. I could not find Maggie and George's marriage. My guess is that either they were married out of state and came back to Brown County or they had a common law marriage. I tend to lean toward the out of state marriage, since none of the Eddy family are found in the Brown County Censuses. Iowa and Missouri are two nearby states that appear as places to be from in the censuses.


Maggie's birthplace in Cooperstown tells us that her family was there until that date but they must have been gone before the 1870 Census. You might want to try to locate them and the Eddy's in that and later censuses for clues where they may have gone. A lot of Generalogy libraries have an index called the AIS that may locate them for you. One of the reasons that you may not hear of it often is because it has many errors but inspite of it's imperfections it is still a good resource.


I found this Richard in my copy of AIS in 1870:

Name: Eddy, Richard T.  Year: 1870

Gender:     Age:

County: DUBUQUE CO.     State: IA

Page: 338   Location: JULIEN TWP

Cause of Death:



Here's another but probably less likely the one:

Name: Eddy, Richard     Year: 1870

Gender:     Age:

County: POPE CO.  State: MN

Page: 920   Location: LEVAN TWP

Cause of Death:




I also checked my National Index for the 1880 Census and found these:

EDDY, Richard     Self  <1840>      M     W     ENGL  CA

EDDY, Richd.      Other <1844>      M     W     ENGL  CA

EDDY, Richard H.  Self  <1849>      M     W     ENGL  KS


Hope this helps.


Ken Huffman



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i am trying to find any thing that has to do with the Eddy Family that you

might have all i have is the death record of Maggie Riley that i sent to you and

a page out of some book that her 2 brothers made the first light house "on

the river" i am guessing the Mississippi River close to the Brown Co. part of

Ill  i got the census records for the mother and father Richard EDDY and his

wife Rebecca Hemphill but i am trying to find the Eddy Family i got her death

pined down to Rebecca Eddy died around  march of 1904 in Jessy Co. ill but i cant

find where Richard death was can you help in any way