Names: Edwin, Ferrell, Hockrover, Mayhall, Mikesell, Poe, Ridder, Salrin, Tostch, Worster


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Please note that there are sometimes discrepancies between the burial listings and the family relationships section. Often two or more people did these listings and they didn't always agree or know for certain where everyone fit. Knight cemetery is very small, and if I were to give the dates for the names of all the people added in the FR section and their connections as well, I would be listing everyone, since they are all mostly related to each other. :o) I have only listed those under FERRELL.


This list will give you something to chew on for awhile, I think.





p. 288-289 Knight Cemetery, Pea Ridge Township.


Thomas J. Ferrell (7 Dec 1837-27 Oct 1906)

Mary, wife of Thomas Ferrell (11 Dec 1840-13 Mar 1928)

John H. Ferrell (4 Oct 1861-18 Sep 1891) son of T. & M. Ferrell.

David Ferrell (1814-1870)

Catherine Ferrell (1814-?) wife of David Ferrell.

William Ferrell (18 Dec 1848-11 Jul 1923)

Sarah Jane Ferrell (d. 2 Jun 1933 aged 85 yrs) wife of William Ferrell)

Thomas Ferrell (1878-1920)

Fred Ferrell (1875-1920)

Hannah, wife of Fred Ferrell (1881-1956)

Joseph Ferrell (1862-1937)

Eva Mikesell, wife of Joseph Ferrell (d. 1919) No other dates.

Hayes Ferrell, son of Joseph & Eva Ferrell (d. 5 May 1951 aged 56 yrs)

Leo Edwin, son of J. & E. Ferrell (d. 1919) No other dates. Probably died at birth - note mother's death year.

Infant daughter (d. 1922) This is grouped with the Ferrells, but no other explanation.

Fred Ferrell, son of F. & H. Ferrell. (No dates)

Martin Ferrell (1876-1967)

Millie Poe, wife of Martin Ferrell (1885-1963)

Lester LeRoy Ferrell (1928-1930)


p. 291 (Family relationships, typed exactly as found - the only changes being in punctuation in order to improve clarity of relationships.




David and Catherine Ferrell migrated to Pea Ridge Township about 1853 or 54 with sons Thomas and William both born in Indiana. They are no doubt buried in the Knight Cemetery but there is no record. (Note: This is apparently incorrect since both Thomas (b. 1837) and William (b. 1848) are listed - LH).


Thomas J. (1837-1906) and wife Mary (1840-1928) are buried here with their family; (A) son John (1861-1891), (B) son Joseph and wife Eva and their son Hayes and two of his small children, two small small children of their daughter Maude, wife of Peter Tostch and daughter Grace Hockrover and two children, Russell and Arthur, (C) daughter Catherine (1866-1951), wife of Robert H. Taylor (1855-1945). Lester LeRoy (1928-1930) son of (D) Martin (1876-1967) and wife Millie Ferrell (1885-1963) and their grandson Elgin (1924) Son of Irwin and Blanch Ferrell Williams. (E) Ellen (1869-1952) and husband William Rumple (1864-1935).


Sarah Jane Ferrell (1848-1933) wife of William Ferrell (1844-1925) is here with son (A) Thomas (1878-1920) and his daughter Dora and husband Fred Moss and four children; and son (B) Fred (1875-1920) wife Hannah (1881-1956) and son Fred.


p. 184, Mt. Sterling City Cem, Family Relationships Section:




Michael Bates (1864-1940) and wife Dora Ridder (1864-1962); children (A) Fred (1888-1949); (B) John (1900-1962); (C) Jane (1898-1970); (D) granddaughter Mary Catherine (1916-1959); (E) daughter Emma (1887-1935) and husband Jesse E. Salrin (1878-1962); (F) daughter Mary (1890-1920) and husband Lawrence Mayhall (1890-1963); (G) Katherine (1895-1969), wife of Walter Worster (no dates).


John Thomas Salrin & Doretta Salrin, children of Jesse & Emma Salrin (no dates given)

Infant dau of Lawrence & Mary Mayhall (no dates given)

Flora Wagner, [2nd?] wife of Lawrence Mayhall (1896-1945)

Infant son of Lawrence & Flora Mayhall (no dates given)










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I would definately like the information you stated in your previous email regarding the Ferrell family and Ridder familyThank you for your fast response on the last request!!!


Bryn Asbury

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Dear Bryn,

Here are the names you requested. I just wanted to let you know that there
are at least 18 members of the Ferrell family in the Knight Cemetery, so if
you should decide you want them all, I'll be happy to email them, too. The
family relationshop section on page 291 explains how they all fit together.

There are a few more descendants of Catherine Ridder listed in the Bates
section on p. 160. Let me know if you want them as well.

Laurie Huffman
Co-Coordinator, Brown County, IL
USGenWeb Project


Cemeteries of Brown Co, IL 1825-1972
Knight Cemetery, Pea Ridge Township, pp. 288, 291:

         David Ferrell (1814-1870)
         Catherine Ferrell (1814-?) Wife of David Ferrell.

Mt. Sterling Catholic Cemetery, p 160, 178, 196:

         Catherine Ridder ((1829-1907) born in Aukum, Germany.
             Benjamin Ridder (1861-1939) son of Catherine Ridder.
             Dora Ridder (1864-1948) Dau of Catherine Ridder; Wife of Michael
                 Michael Bates (1864-1940)


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   Hi.  I need three lookups for cemetery listings in Brown Co., IL.

   Catherine Ferrell  288
   David Ferrell  288
   Catherine Ridder  178

   Bryn Asbury