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Dear Rita,


In checking the census records for 1850 and 1860 I have found your families in Pea Ridge Township, where you said they would be. There will be some confusion (if you haven’t already read these), since dates are not precise. The Brady families in the 1850 census are not either Terrence or Francis, so we must assume they came between 1850 and 1860. I make mention of the cemetery listings below. If you have not checked the “Permanent Resident Index” on the website for your family names, you might want to do so. I believe that Mary Ann is the daughter of William and Ann. She is listed as 16 in 1850 and only 20 in 1860. Age errors are very common. The name spelling is as the census taker understood it. We know it was correctly spelled Brady, but I have listed it as taken.


You will see from this enumeration that Mary Ann Elliott arrived in the USA earlier than age 15, in spite of what the census age says. Also, her father does not appear to have had the name Charles. I have listed his family in 1870 last on this list, where he is William B. Elliott, but that, too, could be wrong. The death certificate may be in error. The person giving the information may have had no knowledge of her parents.


The last item is the burial for William And Ann Elliott and presumably his father, John Elliott.


I hope these are of help to you. Let me know if you have further questions. If you want me to read the 1880 census for William and Ann, or others, let me know.


Laurie Huffman




1850 Federal Census, Brown County, IL:


Pea Ridge Township 1NR4W)

Fam #1324


William Eliet, 42, farmer, England

Ann Eliet, 41, England

John R. Eliet, 21, England

William Eliet, 18, England

Mary Eliet, 16, England (should be 11)

Mariah Eliet, 9, Pennsylvania

Edwin Eliet, 2, Illinois



1860 Federal Census, Brown County, IL:


Pea Ridge Township



Clara Bradey, 55, b. Ireland

Mary Bradey, 22, b. Ireland

Patrick Bradey, 17, farmer, b. Ireland

John Bradey, 15, b. Ireland

Francis Bradey (male), 11, b. Illinois

Mary Bradey, 10, b. Illinois

Liza Bradey, 7, b. Illinois


Pea Ridge Township (4 Sept 1860)



Terrence Bradey, 26, farmer, b. Ireland

Mrs. M. A. Bradey, 20, b. England

Allen Bradey, 1, b. Illinois


NOTE: From Cemeteries of Brown County, IL  (p. 160 Mt. Sterling Catholic Cemetery) we learn that Terrence Brady (1834-1909), who married Mary Ann Elliott, is the son of Francis Brady (d. 1857 @ 64 yrs) and his wife, Clara (d. 1877 @ 71 yrs). Their entire family is in the Mt. Sterling Catholic Cemetery, including Terrence and Mary Ann.


Pea Ridge Township



William Elliott, 53, farmer, b. England

Mrs. Ann Elliott, 51, b. England

Edwin Elliott, 12, b. Illinois

Wilson Elliott, 9, b. Illinois

Joseph Elliott, 6, b. Illinois

Maria Elliott, 18, domestic, b. Pennsylvania

William Elliott, 18, farmer, b. England (should be 28)


Pea Ridge Township



William Elliott, 29, lawyer, b. England

Mrs. Mary Elliott, 23, b. Canada

Jas. D. Elliott, 10/12, b. Illinois


Pea Ridge Township



John Elliott, 31, farmer, b. England

Mrs. B. Elliott, 24, b. Ireland

William Elliott, 4, b. Illinois

Charles Elliott, 2, b. Illinois

M. E. Elliott, 2/12, b. Illinois


Versailles Township



J. B. Elliott, 39, farmer, b. Virginia

Mrs. E. Elliott, 30, b. Ohio

Ewing Elliott, 11, b. Illinois

Jane Elliott, 9, b. Illinois

M. Elliott (female) 8, b. Illinois

Samuel Elliott, 5, b. Illinois

Jas. B. Elliott, 3, b. Illinois

Julia Elliott, 11/12, b. Illinois


Versailles Township



William Elliott, 14, b. Illinois. Works on the farm of William Knox.


1870 Federal Census, Brown County, IL:


Pea Ridge Township



William B. Elliott, 61, farmer, England

Ann Elliott, 60, England

Wilson Elliott, 19, farm hand, Illinois

Joseph Elliott, 16, Illinois

Mary Veach, 16, Illinois (daughter of Isaac N. Veach, apparently a domestic helper, she is also listed in her own family)


Cemeteries of Brown County, IL, p. 308-309 (Reynolds Cemetery, Pea Ridge Township)


John Elliott, born in England (d. 29 Sept 1859 aged 80 years)

William Elliott, d. 15 Dec 1884, aged 78 yrs 10 mo)

Ann Elliott, wife of William Elliott (d. 1 Nov 1889, aged 74 yrs 4 mo)






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I am looking for the parent/parents of Mary Ann Elliott who immigrated to this country approx. 1855. She was b. 15-11-1839 in England and came here at the age of 15. Her family settled in or around Pearidge township. Her death certificate which I just acquired this week, states her father's name as Charles Elliott. Her mother's maiden name was unknown and no first name was given.  Mary Ann married Terrance Brady on 18-1-1860 in Mt. Sterling, Illinois at St. Mary's Church. One child, my grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Brady, grew up in Versailles, Illinois. Their were several other children also. Mary Ann d.9-71919 in Mt. Sterling and she and her husband are buried in St. Mary's Cemetery. The only thing I know about her parents is her father's name.


I thought I had her parents names at one time, but after corresponding with Michelle Birkinsha and sending for her death certificate, I found that I had the wrong Elliott Family. So if you can help to put me on the right track, I would appreciate it very much.


You may get an incomplete email I started, but think it ended up in cyberspace somewhere due my error! So just disregard it.


Rita Cunningham

40 Faisan Way

Hot Springs Village, Ar. 71909




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 Thanks so much for your email and the time you spent researching the Elliott family. Your information on the Brady's is correct but Mary Ann Elliott's parents are not William and Ann Elliott. This who I thought also as a lady at the Versailles Historical  and Genealogy Society found them also but did state Mary Ann's b. date was off by several years. Nonetheless, I did feel that she was right. I went to the Reynolds Cemetery a few miles out side Mt. Sterling and found their graves last summer and that of John Elliott.


But a fewweeks ago, as I mentioned, I received an emailfrom Michelle Birkinsha and we exchanged notes which led me to believe that I was indeed in the wrong family. Her ancestors come off of Joseph, a child of William and Ann's and his sister Mary's age is off by quite a bit. She is only referred to as Mary and not Mary Ann. That Mary did not marry a Brady.




So that prompted me to send for her death Certificate which I think is probably mostly correct as the information for it was given by Anna Brady, who never married and was Mary Ann's daughter and my grandmother's sister. I knew her as a child and her sister Nell McCann. They lived together in Mt. Sterling after Aunt Nell's husband died whom I never knew. They outlived my grand mother.


I will have to go to Brown county this summer and spend several days while I'm up in Illinois. The genealogical Society in Versailles Is very good and  the county court house has been of some help.


But thanks again for trying, I just have to keep digging. I am pretty sure the 1855 immigration date is pretty close as her death certificate states she had been in the US 64 years at her death in 1919 and she was 79 when she died.    Rita


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Thank you for your email. As I think about what you said, I can see you are right about Mary and Mary Ann not being the same person. Is Mary the wife of  Isaac N. Veach? That would explain the Veach girl in the household later on. There is also a small boy in one of the families named Charles, which is a clue that he might have been named for your Charles. I will take a look at our 1855 census and see what I can find. It only gives age groups of family members, but the father’s name is given, or the mother if she is a widow. I’ll get back to you.


Laurie Huffman




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Dear Rita,


I read the 1855 state census and found no Charles Elliott. In Pea Ridge I found William Elliott, as expected. He is next door to Isaac N. Veach, which supports the idea that Willliam’s daughter, Mary was the spouse of Isaac Veach’s son. Sorry I didn’t come up with a Charles. There is nothing written on the 1855 census to let us know when the enumeration occurred, so it could have been anytime during that year. We can conclude that your Mary Ann did arrive in late 1855 from this search. Anyway, for what it’s worth, here is the listing, also including John Elliott (from Virginia) in Versailles:


1855 State Census, Brown County, IL

Pea Ridge Township


William Elliott

            3 male = 0/10

            2 male = 20/30

            1 male = 40/50

            1 female = 10/20

            1 female = 40/50


Versailles Township


John Elliott

            2 male = 0/10

            1 male = 30/40

            2 female = 0/10

            1 female = 20/30


If you solve this puzzle, please let us know and we will add it to the “One Name Research” list for the benefit of others.


Laurie Huffman