Names: Flynn, Hare


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Subject: RE: Brown County (1860 Census Index)

Dear Joe & Gloria,


Here are the two families you requested.


Best wishes,


Laurie Huffman




1860 Federal Census

Illinois, Brown County, Pea Ridge Township, 1556/1494:


John Hare 64, farmer, Ireland

Mrs. B. E. Hare 35, Ireland

Thomas Hare 18, farmer, Ireland

Margaret Hare 16, Illinois

Mary Hare 14, Illinois

S. E. Hare (fem) 12, Illinois

John Hare 11, Illinois

Michael Hare 8, Illinois

Bridget Hare 6, Illinois

Catherine Hare 5, Illinois

Sylvester Hare 3, Illinois

James Hare 2, Illinois

Andrew Hare 10/12, Illinois

Thomas Hare 58, farmer, Ireland


Same township 1564/1502:


James Flynn 55, farmer, Ireland

Mrs. M. Flynn 44, Ireland

John Flynn 17, Illinois

James Flynn 16, Illinois

Michael Flynn 12, Illinois

Dennis Flynn 10, Illinois

Daniel Flynn 8, Illinois

Jeremiah Flynn 4, Illinois




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Subject: Brown County (1860 Census Index)

Need some information on our G,G.F.:     HARE, John...........P1556

and also information on our G.G.F:           FLYNN, James......P1564


Thank you for your help. Joe & Gloria Flynn