NAMES: Friday

Dear Steve,

Here's the census information you requested:

1860 Federal Census of Brown County, Ill, Ripley Twp
John Friday 50 m farmer 400/300 O. [Ohio]
Mrs. S. Friday 48 f Pa
John Friday 20 m O. [Ohio]
Simon Friday 18 m O.
Solomon Friday 15 m O.
Leroy Friday 13 m O.

Ken Huffman

Steve Friday wrote:

I am intersted in census data on John Friday the index is R321. Thank you Stephen Friday

Dear Stephen,

I'm attaching the section from Cemeteries of Brown County p 325, that responds to the specific question you ask. The entry on p 316 is the actual entry as recorded in the cemetery records. If you have a problem with viewing the graphic file I have attached, please let me know.

Ken Huffman

Steve Friday wrote:

Dear Mr. HuffmanIn reviewing the 1880 census, there is a John H. Fretteg. There is a transcriber's note that the name should be Fretueg and indicates "see transcribers note cbc p. 316". Is it possible to find out what that note says if it is more than the name correction? Sincerely, Stephen Friday

Cemeteries of Brown County p. 325 (part a)

Cemeteries of Brown County p. 325 (part b)


1870 Fed Census, Brown County, IL:

71/71 (Ripley twp)
Henry Friday 65, farmer, PA
Naoma Friday 60, PA
William Friday 20, domestic, OH

105/105 (Ripley twp)
Jacob Friday 56, farmer, OH
Elizabeth Friday 30, PA
Susannah Friday 21, IL
Henry Friday 17, IL
Elizabeth Friday 3, IL
Jacob Friday 4/12, IL (b. Feb 1870)

108/108 (Ripley twp)
Solomon Friday 24, laborer, OH
Ellen Friday 20, KS
William Friday 3, IL
Susan Friday 8/12, IL (b. Sep 1869)


END - Laurie Huffman :o)


Steve Friday wrote:

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Huffman,

Thank you so much for your most recent census lookup. This is really helping me narrow down the information I'm looking for. My grandfather (Henry Friday) was born in Ripley in 1903 and his father (John) was from that area too. I saw three more census entries that may answer my questions and hope it would not be too much to ask if you would look up the following:

Henry Friday R71
Solomon Friday R108
Jacob Friday R105

The reason I'm interested in Solomon is we have an old stock certificate that was made out to Solomon Friday in 1927. Nobody knows how we came to own it. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this work that you do!


Stephen Friday


Dear Steve,

The numbers you gave for the lookup turned out to be references to the 1870 census, rather than the 1860, which your heading carried. but, to be safe, I have listed the findings of both. They are in Ripley in both censuses.

Has my husband mentioned to you (this you probably already know), that the name Friday comes from Freutuag, which is German for the English word Friday? This certainly clarified for us the connections between these families in the county, and why the name was changed.

If we can be of any further help to you in getting your Prairie Pioneer Certificate, please let us know.

Laurie Huffman


1860 Federal Census, Brown county, IL:

321/303 (Ripley twp)
John Friday 50, farmer, Ohio
Mrs. S. Friday 48, Pennsylvania
John Friday 20, Ohio
Simon Friday 18, Ohio
Solomon Friday 15, Ohio
LeRoy Friday 13, Ohio


1870 Federal Census, Brown County, IL:

15/15 (Ripley twp)
John Friday 59, farmer, Ohio
Susan Friday 58, Pennsylvania
Leroy Friday 22, Ohio

68/68 (Ripley twp)
John Friday 28, farmer, Ohio
Phebe A. Friday 28, Illinois
Hugh Friday 12, Illinois
Mary Friday 11, Illinois
Ada Friday 7, Illinois
Susan Friday 4, Illinois
Leroy Friday 2, Illinois
Henry Friday 1, Illinois




Steve Friday wrote:

> I am trying to find census information on the following: John
> Friday R15 John Friday R68Specifically, I am trying to
> find the connection either (or both) of these have to my great
> grandfather (also named John Friday) who married Ethel Hendricks.
> They settled on the "Cedar Creek Farm" in Huntsville around 1913. The
> children from that marriage are Henry, Lucian, George and Fern. In the
> past, you have provided helpful information about the Fridays buried
> in the Brown Co. cemeteries and I deeply appreciate that research.
> What I have on this line is very sketchy, but I hope to put together a
> chart that will connect all the gaps. I hope to put this information
> together on the Prairie Pioneer Certificate application form as the
> Friday heritage in Illinois goes back at least to the 1840s. Thanks
> again for your assistance.Sincerely
> Stephen Friday