Names: Fretueg, Fridae, Friday, Huff, Myers, Vance



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Dear Vivian,


Here are the names you requested. I have added a child for George Vance (Florence) and a spouse for Emanual Fridae.


Laurie Huffman


Brown Co, ILGenWeb Project


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Cemeteries of Brown County, IL 1825-1972


Ripley Township Cemetery, pp 316, 318, 322, 325:


    "Child" Vance, child of George Vance (bur. 19 Feb 1901) No other dates given.

    Daisy, w/o George Vance (bur. 3 Aug 1906) No other dates given.

    George Vance (d. 30 Dec 1933) No other dates given.

    "Infant" child of George Vance (bur 13 Aug 1906) No other dates given. See mother's death date. She apparently died following childbirth,

            which would give this child a full birth date.

    Florence, d/o George Vance (bur. 15 Sep 1904) No other dates given.


    John Huff (1875-1955)

    Lydda Huff (bur. 12 Sep 1923) No other dates given.


    Jacob Friday (7 Feb 1814-10 Feb 1879) Pvt. Co. H 50th Ill. Inf.

    Susannah Myers, w/o Jacob Friday (7 Jun 1815-12 Sep 1854)


    John H. Fretueg No dates given. Co. G 122nd Ohio Inf.


    Emanual Fridae 1836-1911)

    Mary E. w/o Emanual Fridae (1837-1922)


p. 325 gives these three varying surnames as one family: Friday, Fridae, & Fretueg. Also note that there are many other family members in this cemetery.






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Hi, Could you do the following lookups for me?

Vance, Child________ ________322
Vance, Daisy________ ________322
Vance, George________ ________322
Vance, Infant________ ________322
Huff, John________ ________318
Huff, Lydda________ ________318
Friday, Jacob________ ________316
Friday, Susannah (Myers)________ 316
Fretueg, John H.________ 316
Fridae, Emanual________ 316

Thanks so much for any help,
Vivian Haahn