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Dear Steve,


From Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois:

I have attached two small scans of pp.216, 252 which cover the Fry’s. These are burials in the Mt Sterling City Cemetery.

p. 216 - Burials


p. 252 – family relationships


p. 206 is also in the Mt Sterling City Cemetery


John W. Bates, 13 Jul 1833 – 30 Mar 1905

Louisa J. Fry, wife of John W. Bates, 15 Jun 1834 – 4 Sep 1909


John is the son of William H. Bates and Mary Ann Price.



Ken Huffman


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Hi Ken and Laurie Huffman,

    My name is Steve Shaffer and I'm doing research on my Fry family which recently led me to Brown Co., Illinois.

    I see from the info on line, that a good share of my relatives are buried at Mt. Sterling Cemetery and most appear on page 216.  Here are the names:

Pearl (Mehl) Fry   216

Mary (Drew) Fry   216

Eugene E. Fry     216

Francis Fry           216

Abraham Fry        216

Catherine Fry       216

Elida H. Fry          216

Fred W. Fry         216

Henry A. Fry         216

Isadora Fry (Stout)   216

Amanda (Bates) Fry   216

Anna (Newby Fry        216

Anna B. Fry                 216

And two Bates

John W. Bates    206

Louisa his wife    206 dau of Michael &

Clarrisa Fry

    I know it's quite a list but most are on one page.  I got the research you already did on Fry1, which shows census info on the Frys and Bates.  I just would like the cemetery records. 

    And does someone do obits research?

    THANK YOU for your help in advance.


Steve Shaffer of Michigan