Bates, Fry, Hersman, Miles, Wilson

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Here’s the information you requested:


1870 Census of Brown County, Illinois


Cooperstown Twp  20 Jul 1870


Daniel Fry Sr. 76 m farmer Pennsylvania

Catherine Fry 67 f Virginia



Daniel Fry 30 m farmer Ohio

Harriett Fry 26 f Illinois

Andrew Fry 1 m Illinois

Oliver Fry 12 m  laborer Ohio


Town of Mt Sterling 

19/19  11 Jul 1870

Henry Fry 46 m house carpenter Kentucky

Amanda Fry 36 f Illinois

Anna Fry 13 f Illinois

George Fry 8 m Illinois

Henry Fry 3 m Illinois

Dudley Bates 23 m farm hand Illinois


74/74  12 Jul 1870

Xavier Fry 67 m farmer Switzerland

Clarra Fry 40 f Switzerland

Henry Fry 15 m Illinois


93/93  12 Jul 1870

Franklin Fry 38 m cabinet maker Kentucky

Isadore Fry 33 f Illinois

Clarence Fry 11 m Illinois

Finley Fry 10 m Illinois

Elmore Fry 9 m Illinois

Roland Fry 6 m Illinois

Laura Fry 1 f Illinois

Mariah Wilson 17 f domestic Illinois

Clarissa Fry 70 f Maryland/Illinois? [see next entry—this entry gives birth place as Illinois]


Mt Sterling Twp


25/25  16 Jul 1870

John W. Bates 39 farmer Kentucky

Louisa Bates 35 f Kentucky

Emma Bates 11 f Illinois

Ella Bates 9 f Illinois

William Bates 7 m Illinois

Michael Bates 5 m Illinois

Nina Bates 1 f Illinois

Clarissa Fry 70 Maryland [counted twice – see above. This birthplace is consistent with 1860 Census]


124/124  18 July 1870

John Fry 25 m  farmer Illinois

Matilda Fry 23 f Illinois

James Fry 19 m farm hand Illinois



Margaret Fry 48 f Germany

George W. Fry 24 m Illinois

Sarah Fry 21 f Illinois

Nancy Fry 20 f Illinois

Jefferson Fry 17 m Illinois


169/169  13 Jul 1870

William Hersman 27 m miller by trade Illinois

Permeda Hersman 25 f Illinois

George Fry 53 m farmer Kentucky

Margaret Fry 47 f Illinois

Merlan Fry 23 m laborer Illinois

Thomas Miles 12 m Virginia


172/172  13 Jul 1870

John Fry 43 m farmer Kentucky

Lydia Fry 18 f Illinois

Emma Fry 16 f Illinois

Francis Fry 14 m Illinois

John Fry 7 m Illinois



Ken Huffman


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hi ken and laurie

is there anyway i can get the census records for the following thank you so much

Fry, Clarissa


Fry, Clarissa


Fry, Daniel [Jr]


Fry, Daniel Sr.


Fry, Franklin


Fry, George


Fry, Henry


Fry, John


Fry, John


Fry, Margaret


Fry, Xavier


greg willman