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Dear Elaine,

It's good to hear from you again. Yes the marriage of George Gibson and Mary Gibson is our George and Mary. We have not traced this line beyond George because he is not a direct ancestor. If you prove the connection, we would love to hear from you about it.


Proving an error in the census is difficult since there are no source records to it specifically. I believe that the Levi Gifford listed in the 1840 census is wrong on the totally circumstantial evidence that our Giffords were not yet in the county. We believe the Gibson's were. By searching the land records for that period of time, you might be able to find out if the Levi Gifford was really a Gifford. This will only work if he bought land. There is a good chance he did at that period of time.


I haven't tried the County Clerk for land records but I'm sure they will help if they can. They have a nice index of all the land sales by purchaser and seller. They should be able to check for the names Levi Gifford and Levi Gibson for land transactions around 1840. If he got there before 1839, you'll have to check Schuyler County records. Brown County was formed from Schuyler in 1839.


Hope this helps.


Ken Huffman

(Laurie is quilting and so I get to respond.)


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Hi Laurie,

We've been in touch before but I've retired, been traveling, and have a different email address.  I trace to Levi Gibson, 1850 Brown Co.  I believe, and am trying to confirm, that the older Levi in Brown Co. is the father of young Levi (who marries Hannah Barlow), Thomas (who marries an Elizabeth Barlow), and George (the first husband of yur Mary Shelly).  I believe the older Levi had two daughters that married Wright brothers in Brown Co because in 1860 he, his wife and son (?) Jackson Gibson are living with the Wright's.  Here's a question I hope you can answer.  We found George Gibson marrying Mary Shelly in Henry Co., IN March 10, 1836.  Is this your Mary Shelly and George Gibson marriage?  I also found Levi Gibson marrying Catherine Jackson June 10, 1824 in Switzerland Co., IN.  I hoping this may be the old Levi and is the first time we've placed Levi and George in Indiana.  I remember you telling me that in 1840 Brown Co. there's a Levi Gifford.  You believe this is a !

mistake made by the cencus taker as you don't have any Levi Gifford in your Gifford's.  I looked at the cencus on line and it's definately Gifford.  Do you have any suggestions on how I could figure out if this is an error?  I do have old Levi in 1830 Fayette Co., Il, then no trace in 1840 cencus'.  Thanks for any help or suggestions.  Hope to talk to you soon.  We're wintering in Arizona and won't be back to Illinois till first of May and I'm starting to get antsy to get back to my geneology.  Would like to take a trip east to do some research too.  I'm hoping old Levi is the son of a George Gibson who died in 1815 in Onslow Co., NC.  Could explain Levi naming his son George and George was born in NC.  Well better get this off.  This address I'll have till end of April.  Going to try and set up a Yahoo account for Illinois as our campground doesn't have internet access.  Have to go to the library.  Take care,

Elaine Rumler

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