Names: Behymer, Graham, Sullivan

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Dear Marge,


I have added other family members listed on the same pages in order to give you a fuller picture of the families.


Hope these will be of help to you.


Laurie Huffman




Cemeteries of Brown Co, IL 1825-1972


Reynolds Cemetery, Pea Ridge Township, pp 308-309:


    John Graham (d. 26 Oct 1877 aged 73y 1m 6d)

    Martha, wife of John Graham (d. 8 Oct 1867 aged 55y 8m 25d)

    Robert Graham (d. 25 Nov 1865 aged 18y 1m 25d) Son of John & Martha Graham.

    James A. Graham (d. 24 Aug 1861 aged 2yrs) Son of John & Martha Graham.

    Martha J. Graham, wife of Daniel A. Sullivan (4 Mar 1834-16 Dec 1914) Dau of John & Martha Graham.

    Daniel A. Sullivan (8 Dec 1826-23 Jan 1913) Native of Ireland

    Margaret E. Sullivan, dau of Daniel & Martha Sullivan (d. 3 Oct 1867 aged 2yrs)


West Side Cemetery, Versailles Township, pp. 365, 379-380:


    Thomas Graham (1855-1926)

    Nora Behymer, wife of Thomas Graham (1871-1957)

    Gladys Goltha, dau of Thomas & Nora Graham (d. 15 Sep 1898 aged 3y 11m)

    Russell H. Graham (1889-1957) Son of Thomas & Nora Graham.

    Leo M. Graham (1892-1933) Son of Thomas & Nora Graham.

    Harold Graham Hamilton (1919-1936) Son of Florence Graham Hamilton, d/o Thomas & Nora Graham.

    Frank Graham (no dates)






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     Could you please tell me what you fine for the following?


Graham, John    308

Graham, Thomas    365


     Thank you very, very much.


Marge Counterman